Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Keeping your jewelry organized and tangle free can be a huge hassle particularly if you own a lot of it. Even harder is finding a storage solution which can handle all of your jewelry but is also close enough to your mirror to make accessorizing convenient. The best solution is actually to keep your jewelry inside your mirror itself, with a mirror jewelry armoire.

A mirror jewelry armoire also sometimes called a jewelry armoire mirror is an extra handy piece of décor which can really make life a lot easier. Their basic design is pretty smart.

On the outside they function as a typical mirror but on the inside they’re quite different from every other type. The face of the mirror actually is a door which can open up to provide you with a large and well laid out space to keep your jewelry inside and has a magnetic latch to keep it closed.

While almost all mirror jewelry armoires are rectangular in shape to ensure they can hold the maximum amount of jewelry they do come in a few different types to suit your specific needs. They are made from wood but of course in different varieties, finishes, and colors. A jewelry armoire mirror can help you out in many more ways as well some of which are that they will:

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


-Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Even though each specific model has a different storage capacity, the goal is the same: to provide you with the most convenient way to keep your jewelry and they do a great job. This is not only because they usually can hold a massive amount, often times much more than your entire collection but they also do so in a very orderly and organized manner.

With options like hooks for necklaces, cushioned ring holders, compartments and bins for watches and bracelets, notches for earrings, and more a mirror jewelry armoire makes staying organized as easy as it gets. They are also ideal for jewelry that is too big or won’t fit in jewelry boxes.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


-Save Time

Since the majority and most likely all of your jewelry will be in place you won’t have to waste time every day trying to find the exact item you’re looking for which can be incredibly annoying particularly in the morning before work.

Everything will be presented all at once right in front of you so you can make an effortless selection. And since all your jewelry is neatly organized you won’t have to deal with messy tangles either.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


-Always Look Your Best

Saving you even more time is the fact that not only are all your items in one place but they are right inside your mirror itself. Which means you can quickly accessorize or change jewelry to guarantee it matches your outfit perfectly.

You also won’t need to search specifically for a full length mirror jewelry armoire since most are full length anyway. This will ensure you’ll be able to see your entire body, outfit, and of course how well your jewelry matches so you’re sure to look fabulous from head to toe.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

-Keep Jewelry Secure

Most people don’t realize that these mirrors are also excellent for keeping jewelry out of harm’s way. While they are not a substitute for a heavy metal safe by any means, the inside of a mirror is not usually the first place, or place at all for that matter, which a thief would think to look for expensive items to steal.

In fact, unless you told someone you had jewelry inside no one would probably ever have any idea. Many armoires are also lockable with a key to keep out curious kids and of course others as well. Some are also lined with materials like felt to make sure that delicate items aren’t scratched or damaged while they are inside.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


Different Types of Mirror Jewelry Armoires:

There are a few varieties for consumers to choose from so that you can enjoy the benefits of owning one even if you have limited space or a specific preference.

A Standing Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Probably both the most popular and common type is a standing mirror jewelry armoire also called a floor mirror jewelry armoire (because they stand on the floor). These are also advertised as cheval mirror jewelry armoires.

This is because their body style is the same as a cheval mirror which means they have four legs for support and can tilt to any angle so you can adjust them to look at one area or your entire body. Some models will actually have a base with drawers instead of legs to provide even more storage space for other items as well.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Cheval mirrors are also known for their handsome good looks which can really complement a room just by themselves or by adding to its look as a whole. This makes a standing mirror jewelry armoire a phenomenal choice for anyone who loves the look of a standing mirror, wants one which is full length, and of course has the ability to both hold and keep their jewelry organized.

However unlike other cheval mirrors which can be oval in shape, you will normally only find these in rectangular form.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Choosing the standing variety will also give you the advantage of being able to place it in a spot where it is the most convenient. You can also use it to help to add some light and a sense of space to the room if you stand your mirror where it can reflect natural light into the room like from a window.

A standing jewelry mirror armoire can also be a lifesaver if you have limited wall space or just a very small space to work with in general. Because they are so eye-catching these mirrors can be used in areas of the room where they will be prominently displayed as a focal point but also work really well in corners which otherwise probably would not be used. And if you’re renting by using one of these you won’t have to drill any holes in the wall either.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


A Wall Mounted Mirror Jewelry Armoire

If you don’t have the floor space or just prefer the look of, or need a wall mirror, there is also a wall mounted variety which also offers all the same fabulous storage inside. These too are a great choice if you are looking for a full length rectangular mirror.

They can be used anywhere a normal wall mirror could and since they don’t too take up much more space they are very popular for use on the wall in walk-in closets and bedrooms where you would normally use a mirror to get ready for the day.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

An advantage of the wall mounted type is that while it is true that the majority are rectangular in shape, you can also find them in other shapes and sizes as well. Smaller square mirror jewelry armoires are also an option for your wall and there are even wall mirrors which have a combination of a mirror and picture holders on the face.

You’ll also find that the frames on wall mounted mirror jewelry armoires are often more ornate as well and can have decorative carvings, designs, and shapes. Normally all wall mounted mirrors come fully assembled and are ready to use right out of the box but just simply need to be mounted on the wall first.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


An Over The Door Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Yet another option is an over the door mirror jewelry armoire. These will come with metal hooks which hang over the top of the door and attach to the back of the mirror. Some wall mounted models will come with hooks so you have the choice of being able to use them on the wall or over the door as well.

An over the door mirror jewelry armoire will save you both floor and wall space plus of course the space where you would normally keep your jewelry. They are a cinch to set up and normally only require you to attach the hooks to the back of the mirror itself using a screwdriver and then all you need to do is lift the hooks over the door and you’re done.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Since they are portable if you have to you can always move them to a different location depending on your needs at the time. The backs of bedroom doors, closet doors, and bathroom doors are all very popular places to use one of these and they are also an excellent choice for university students who may be sharing a room.

Frames For Every Preference

While you won’t find metal frames, there are more than enough types of wood and wood finishes to choose from so you can get the triple effect  a functional mirror, jewelry armoire, and a fantastic looking piece of home décor that can significantly add to the beauty of your home.

Natural looking frame options like Cherry, Mahogany, and Oak for example always go great if you have furniture or décor of the same material or color. And of course there are all different shades of these from light to dark.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire


Both black and white mirror jewelry armoires are both very popular since they are neutral colors which allow them to go with just about any style from more traditional to modern, theme, or color scheme. There are even some antique looking frames with ornate scrolling that really could be considered a piece of wall art.

When it comes to value, storage, and function a mirror jewelry armoire is your best choice. You’ll finally have all your jewelry in one place that makes keeping it organized and ready to wear easy. And you’ll save valuable time every day while adding an incredibly useful piece of home décor whose frame and looks will give your space an added touch of beauty whether used on the wall, over the door, or standing on its own.

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