Mirror Nightstand

A nightstand is a small bedside table that makes life much more convenient. Used to keep things we need and use on a regular basis within easy reach of your bed such as alarm clocks, charging cell phones, glasses of water, lamps, eye glasses, and magazines they also have another function, and that is to add beauty to your bedroom. And while there are different types of nightstand which can do so, none can match the unique look of a mirror nightstand.

What Are They?

A mirror nightstand has the same basic design as a normal nightstand often with drawers, cabinets, a combination of both, or sometimes just as simple as a table depending on the model. However their entire surface is covered with mirrors and this is what makes all the difference. It sets them apart from all other types of nightstands and all other types of furniture as well.

Mirror Nightstand


Features That Shine:

-Light And Space

Since their surface is covered with mirrors, and mirrors reflect light, a mirror nightstand is a fantastic way to get some much needed light into a dim room. Using one to brighten up your space will also add an airy feeling which will help to make it seem more spacious than it really is. If you are using a natural light source like an open window the reflections will change shape, size, and their location as the Sun moves which can be a very interesting effect.

-The Illusion of Depth

Their reflection of the room itself on the face of the furniture also helps to make spaces look larger than they really are with the illusion of depth. This can be a tremendous help to smaller bedrooms that feel cramped and since it is only an illusion you get the feeling of space without having to knock down any walls.

Mirror Nightstand

-Unmatched Elegance And Hollywood Glam Style

Probably the most common reason people purchase a mirror nightstand is simply for their luxurious looks. They make the ideal piece of furniture for someone who wants to add an elegant feel to their bedroom with minimal effort required. This type of furniture is also just a perfect representative of Hollywood glam style for anyone who is a fan or looking to add another piece to their collection of mirrored furniture.

Mirror Nightstand


-A Focal Point To Talk About

Since they are so good looking and striking in appearance mirror nightstands make for a natural focal point anywhere they are placed and one which will be guaranteed to get many compliments from guests. Best of all, they often look much more expensive than they really are.

Different Types of Mirror Nightstands:

Just like with all night stands there are a few different varieties to choose from when it comes to the mirrored type. What you choose depends simply on your own personal preference and what you want to use your nightstand for.

Something Simple

The simplest option and usually the one which is the least expensive is a table. A mirror nightstand table will give you a surface to keep whatever necessities you need next to your bed but without all the extra storage space. However, many tables will also include a single drawer or two giving you a handy place to keep smaller items too.

An excellent additional feature are drawers which are lined with velvet. Not only do they add to the upscale look and feel of this type of furniture but they are perfect for storing items that are more fragile and could get scratched such as jewelry. Many people choose to purchase two mirror nightstand tables, one for each side of the bed for a balanced look.

Mirror Nightstand

Drawers And Cabinets

For more storage and of course more reflection a nightstand with drawers is a splendid choice. While the number of drawers varies depending on the model and brand most have around two or three. A few will have even more like the well-known Basset Chelsea mirror nightstand that has five.

Some will have drawers that are all the same size while others may have one or two smaller drawers on top with larger ones on the bottom. A mirror nightstand cabinet can provide you with more storage space than a table and somewhere to keep items which are too big to fit into drawers.

There are a few different sizes to choose from so it is not difficult to find one which can work with both your bedroom space and your needs. Most smaller options will have a single drawer on top and a cabinet with one door, while larger ones while have two drawers and a double door cabinet below.

Mirror Nightstand


Extras Worth Considering

Mirror nightstands can have some really alluring features. Their trim can be quite a few different colors which can really make an impact. Silver is probably the most popular since it matches so well with the actual color of the glass itself. Gold trim can look incredibly regal and add an antique feel while black trim with its contrast outlines its shape.

Beveled edges and faux crystal knobs also can make for an even more dramatic effect and look very upscale. In fact many people will use a crystal lamp on their nightstand or on crystal knobs on their bedroom door to go with the knobs on their nightstand.

Mirror Nightstand


Purchasing A Mirror Nightstand

The best way to purchase a mirror nightstand is actually not in a furniture store. Because they are so attractive you will often see them in high-end shops but for way too much money. The smartest option is to buy online.

By doing so, you will be able to purchase one for much cheaper than in a shop plus many times delivery will be free. Virtually all reputable companies will package them extremely well to protect against damage and also offer to replace items for free if for any reason there is breakage so it is a win-win situation.

Mirror Nightstand

Unlike many other types of furniture which can take hours to put together or even involve having to hire someone to do it for you luckily with mirror nightstands this is not the case and is another reason why buying online is a cinch. While some nightstands may simply require you to screw on the legs or handles many come as one piece and are ready to use right out of the box.

If you do purchase a model where you have to screw the legs on make sure to place a soft blanket or sheet on the floor first so when you turn your nightstand upside down it will protect the top from getting scratched. Also always be careful not to tighten drawer handles too much because you may risk cracking a glass panel.

Mirror Nightstand

Other Types Of Mirror Furniture

Of course there are many other types of mirror furniture too which you can add to your bedroom in addition to your nightstand for an even more glamorous look. There are mirrored desks, accent tables, consoles, and even cocktail tables. Since mirror night stands are just so attractive and functional many people actually buy them to use in rooms other than the bedroom.

Hallways, foyers, bathrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms are all fantastic spots for one. And in each of these rooms you can always play around with the placement of your nightstand to see which spots create bright or interesting reflections.

Mirror Nightstand


As you can see a mirror nightstand is a unique piece of furniture that never fails to impress. It’s an option that can add light, a sense of space, and always look glamorous while keeping your bedside possessions neatly stored away. Best of all they almost always cost a lot less than you’d think!

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