Window Mirror

When you’re looking for something to add interest to your wall not all mirror types will do. You’ll want something that is a little different and of course eye-catching. A window mirror is not only both of these but often much more.

Also sometimes called a window pane mirror, this is one type of décor that truly offers a unique look. Instead of a standard type frame they use one that is designed to look just like a real window. They will often have multiple panes and come in shapes, sizes, finishes and with features that make them look extra realistic and even like a piece of art.

Window Mirror

The majority are designed to be used on the wall. But there are some larger models out there, most of which are what are known as “leaners,” a type of standing mirror that leans against the wall. Some of these can also be hung on the wall if that’s what you prefer.         

Wood Or Metal?

Most of the time, you will find that window mirrors either come with frames made from wood or metal. A wood window mirror is a popular choice for anyone who likes the natural charm that only real wood can provide and is often used to help create a country cottage feel. A metal window mirror will often cost more than wood but can make a huge impact on the space where it is used.

Window Mirror


Finishes New And Old

While you can of course purchase a mirror which looks new, it is very popular to go with a model that has a distressed or antiqued finish. Both wood and metal frames are widely available in these types of finishes which can make them look as if they are actually antiques. If you are looking for a shabby chic or rustic window mirror this would be a smart choice.

Window Mirror

In order to make them look older, wooden frames are usually sanded so that they are weathered and worn in appearance. Some companies may offer authentic older wood that has made into a window frame but without the mirror glass itself which may be worth considering.

To give metal frames that antique look they will often be hand-painted so that they look like they have rust spots. A few mirrors will also come with antiqued glass which looks cloudy and can add that extra touch to really make it look like it has come from another time period.

Window Mirror


Shapes, Styles, And Extra Features

Since most windows are rectangular in shape the majority of window mirrors are too. For something a little different you may want to consider one with a rectangular body but an arched top. An arched window mirror will give you an extra reflective surface above which can often be a big help when trying to add more light to a space.

Window Mirror

Some mirrors are actually made to be long and narrow just like that of a church. A church window mirror may have an arched top or even one that is pointy. They will often have panes with designs and motifs that look like they are right out of a cathedral and some are even Gothic in style.

If however you want something that’s round in shape you may want to check out what’s known as a porthole mirror, which is a mirror made to look not like the window of a house, but instead like a window on a ship.

Window Mirror

Features likes shutters can be quite charming. A window mirror with shutters can be closed to hide the mirror when not in use or left open, it’s up to you. Many choices that are made with shutters are designed to look just like windows on a rustic French cottage which of course can look fabulous both opened or closed.

Adding Light, Style, And More

While they can be used to check your appearance these mirrors are usually used more for other purposes.  Adding light to dim areas of the home such as hallways is one of them. The fact that they have many panes gives them the effect of many smaller mirrors placed side-by-side which can really play on the light.

Window Mirror

Another function is helping to make smaller spaces look bigger. And of course they always can be used as a piece of decorative wall décor because after all, that is what they are. Window mirrors can do a fantastic job at any or all of these, and they will be sure to get tons of compliments from your guests, which is always nice too.

Since they are so unique, they are also purchased to be used as a focal point for an entire room. Their rustic looks can make placing one above the fireplace an ideal spot for this.

Window Mirror

They are also sometimes used in areas where you would like the appearance of having a real window, but where one might not work well because you want privacy, like in a bathroom. And if you are searching for something for the kitchen, a window wall mirror is actually one of only a handful of mirror types that can be used with great success in this room of the house.

Using a window mirror is a fun way to get the light, style, or effect you need for your space. Anyone who is a fan of furnishings that have a country look, antique feel, or that are just a little different will be more than happy with the results they can provide.

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