Over The Door Mirror

Typically most mirrors are free-standing or mounted in place onto a wall or door. Another option and one which has many fantastic benefits is an over the door mirror.

Just like their name suggests they aren’t mounted directly into the door using screws or brackets, but instead use metal hooks to hang over the door. For this reason they are also often called an over the door hanging mirror. Whatever you decide to call them they definitely can make your life easier.

So Why Use One?

-Save Wall And Floor Space

Probably the most popular reason for purchasing an over the door mirror is to save space. While a standing mirror might look fabulous it’s not always an option, especially with limited floor space. Depending on your situation, wall space might not be available either.

Whether you are a student, in need of a mirror but don’t have too much room to spare, or just love the idea of using your space in a smart and efficient way, an over the door mirror could be the perfect solution. Utilizing your door is not only easy but convenient.
Over The Door Mirror


-Fast And Simple Setup With No Damage

Another huge advantage of over the door mirrors is that they are so fast and simple to setup. Most will only require a screwdriver to screw the hanging hooks onto the back of the mirror and some don’t require any tools whatsoever as all the hanging hardware is already pre-attached.

This means you’ll be able to enjoy your mirror and have it in place only a few minutes after opening the box. And because the mirror hooks go over the door, there is no damage done from having to drill into the door itself. This is great news for anyone who is renting or just doesn’t like the idea of putting holes into their expensive or beautiful doors. It also means that you can take them down and use them somewhere else in a few seconds with no hassle.

Over The Door Mirror



Over the door mirrors are actually also pretty versatile too. Many have the option of being able to be more permanently mounted on doors and walls if you decide don’t want to use them with the hooks.

You can also usually adjust the height of the mirror to a few different lengths depending on your own specific needs. There are even over the door mirror jewelry and makeup organizers which are not only a mirror but function as a place to store jewelry or cosmetics.

Typical Sizes

The size of over these mirrors can vary. If you are looking for an over the door full length mirror you are in luck as most are at least 48” long which is the minimum needed to be considered full length. However they can vary from 38”-54” in length and around 14”-18’ in width depending on the particular model you choose.

Over The Door Mirror


Standard Materials

Like with all mirrors there are many different types of frame materials to choose from. Frames are commonly made from steel, composite wood with a laminate or veneer, and hard woods.

And of course this means in all types of finishes, colors and designs to match your décor and individual preference. Over the door mirror hooks are normally made from steel while the glass can be standard or shatterproof.

An Over The Door Mirror Jewelry Organizer For Double The Function

Also commonly referred to as over the door mirror jewelry armoires these are another take on the same idea as they hang over the door with steel hooks. They make a perfect gift idea for any daughter, girlfriend or wife because on the outside they have a mirror (almost always 48” long by 14” wide) that opens up to store rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more using all types of hooks, notches, and ring holders.

They are guaranteed to keep jewelry organized, dust-free and easily accessible all while keeping them hidden from view in a cabinet behind the mirror. No one but you will know it’s even there!

Over The Door Mirror

Many over the door mirror jewelry armoire cabinets can really hold a ton of jewelry and using one will definitely save a lot of time and tangles. Some also have a smaller mirror on the inside of the cabinet which is very helpful because it means you don’t have to close it to look at yourself.

Most will have a magnetic latch and some are also lockable with a key. Another good feature is that many models also come with brackets so that they can be mounted on the wall or door if you decide to do so later on.

Over the door mirror jewelry organizers are typically made from composite wood with a laminate or veneer that is very sturdy and indistinguishable from solid wood. They are more expensive than standard over the door mirrors, however they provide twice the function and in an extremely convenient manner that will be sure to be used daily and make accessorizing easy and much faster.

Over The Door Mirror


An Over The Door Mirror Makeup Organizer

Not only are there over the door options for jewelry but for makeup too! These are similar to the ones used for jewelry in both material, size (normally 48″ x 14″), and setup.

However they are made specifically for makeup storage so the cabinet behind the mirror has divided and undivided shelves for bottles and nail polish, semi-shelves for eye shadows, and cups for brushes, sponges, and swabs. Normally the shelves are removable so you can wash them, and some models even have a drop down table.

Over The Door Mirror


An Over The Door Jewelry And Makeup Organizer With A Mirror

If you don’t need a large mirror and are looking for a unique way to store some makeup and some jewelry, one of these might be for you. Usually they are made from steel and do not have a cabinet. Instead they have a small mirror along with both hooks for jewelry and shelves for makeup.

While one of these is not a substitute for a full size mirror, they can make for a handy yet inexpensive storage option on a closet or bathroom door.

Over The Door Mirror


The Most Popular Places To Use An Over The Door Mirror

Whether you choose one with storage or not, there are quite a few places where over the door mirrors work particularly well. Bedroom closet doors make an ideal choice and are probably the most popular door to use them on.

This is because they can be placed on the outside or inside of your closet to help you evaluate how your outfit looks after getting dressed. An over the door jewelry organizer  or makeup storage organizer is especially useful on a closet door as it means that you can also pick out your jewelry or makeup and be sure it looks fantastic without having to find it first or even go anywhere else to do so.

And of course this makes them a phenomenal choice for the doors of walk-in closets and bedroom too. The fact they are available in an array of luxurious looking finishes makes finding one to match a bedroom set effortless.

Over The Door Mirror

Bathroom doors and bathroom closet doors also make a smart place for an over the door mirror as many people tend to get dressed, put on their makeup, or jewelry in the bathroom. Many people also use them in the bathroom with a second mirror so that they can see how their outfit and hair looks from behind as well.

Because they are inexpensive yet attractive many homeowners choose to use them in children’s bedrooms and guest rooms. They are also an excellent idea for university students living in a dormitory or rental apartment where there is limited space but the need for a good mirror that won’t cause any damage during installation.

Over The Door Mirror


3 Quick Over the Door Mirror Tips:

-Secure The Bottom

The only complaint which is common with over the door mirrors is that while the top of the mirror remains stationary sometimes the bottom is prone to banging against the door when it is opened or closed. This is due to the light weight of the mirror.

You can solve this problem before it starts and in a less than a minute by securing the bottom of the back of the mirror to the door. Of course not by using screws, but with a strip of double-sided tape or using Velcro, both of which work equally well. While this is not normally a concern with mirrors that have storage as they are much heavier, this tip can work for them as well.

Over The Door Mirror

-Don’t Be Afraid To Add A Few More Screws

Mirrors with storage for either jewelry or makeup can end up being quite heavy when full. This can make some owners a little nervous about the hooks being only secured to the mirror by two screws (one for each hook).

While this is not a problem and they can easily hold the weight, a common practice is to simply add two more screws to put their mind at ease. This takes only a few minutes and is a cinch as there are multiple holes for screws already in the mirror hook.

-Wrap After Setup Not Before

When purchasing a mirror as a gift, it is very tempting to wrap it and give it as is. However, with a few minutes of set up before hand, you can wrap the mirror after installing the hooks, and then place it over the door fully wrapped.

This means no waiting involved for the recipient and a guaranteed lovely surprise that they will really appreciate. (Doing this works really well with an over the door mirror jewelry armoire or makeup organizer because they will be dying to put their accessories or cosmetics right in!)

Over The Door Mirror

Space saving and good looking an over the door mirror allows anyone to enjoy all the benefits of having a mirror as long as they have a door to hang it on. With their fast and simple setup you’ll be able to enjoy your mirror in no time. And with storage options for jewelry, makeup, or both, you’ll be sure to save not only space but time as well, all while keeping clutter to a minimum.

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