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The Ship Wheel Mirror: An Insider’s Guide

The Ship Wheel Mirror: An Insider’s Guide

Ship Wheel Mirror

There are only a handful of mirror options that can be used successfully in nautical style spaces and beach homes. A ship wheel mirror however is one which is sure to provide both the look and feel you’re after. And with this guide you’ll soon be on your way to upgrading your wall space with this iconic choice.

A Symbol Of The Seas

The ship’s wheel is easily one of the most recognizable parts of a boat. It is used to steer the ship by controlling the rudder. Each wheel has anywhere from six to ten spokes that extend outward which are used as handles to make turning the wheel easier.

Fortunately for fans of nautical décor the circular shape of a wheel makes a perfect round frame. And as you could probably guess for obvious reasons they are sometimes also called a ship steering wheel mirror

Ship Wheel Mirror

Nautical Spaces And Seaside Places

Anyone who has a beach home or is trying to create a nautical style space won’t want to overlook adding one or more to their walls. They are also a favorite for use in nautical themed bedrooms for infants and young boys.

But of course they are also a fabulous choice for anybody who just adores the ocean or is into sailing. For seafood restaurants and bars with a coastal feel, ship wheel mirrors are a functional piece of décor that will add an authentic maritime look.

They can be used in any area of the home so whether you need something for any entryway, hall, bedroom or a vanity mirror for the bathroom they can add the seaside appearance you crave.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Conquer Bare And Boring Wall Spaces Of Any Size

One of the biggest advantages of these mirrors is that they can create interest on plain looking walls and even spaces that are very large in size. They can do this not just because of their unique nautical style but also because of the spokes. Similar to with a sunburst mirror, these spokes extend outward around the frame in all directions.

This along with the length of the spokes gives the illusion that the mirror is much larger than it really is. So even if the actual glass of your nautical ship wheel mirror is quite small it can still totally transform the look of a wall space that is much more substantial in size.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Materials And Colors

Authentic ship wheels are made from a handful of durable hardwoods such as mahogany and teak which allows them to stand up to rough daily use, years of harsh conditions at sea, along with being exposed to the salty seawater and air.

Just like the real thing mirrors are also made from wood, but because they are purely decorative and don’t have to deal with the abuse of the ocean they are available in a range of different wood varieties. You may want to choose a mirror that is unpainted to highlight the natural beauty of your wooden frame.

Another option which can make the frame of your wooden ship wheel mirror standout is to choose one that includes metal details as well. Painted mirrors come in many different colors but one of the most popular combinations is always blue and white which is representative of the nautical theme.

Ship Wheel Mirror


The Wear Without The Use

Many consumers prefer a new looking mirror. However if you want something that looks like it has been travelling on the high seas for many years that is an option too. A distressed ship wheel mirror is made to look like it is much older than it really.

For maximum effect the wood may look scratched and worn, the metal can be rusted or have a patina, and the paint can be chipped and peeling. But of course this wear and tear is just for show. Distressed mirrors are in fact brand new and make an ideal choice for those who prefer more rustic or vintage style décor. They are also a much cheaper choice than purchasing an actual antique.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Frame Extras Add Emphasis       

Some mirrors may include some extra decorations on their frame to add even more of an emphasis. Real seashells and starfish can be glued onto the face of the frame. Nautical rope may be wrapped around it in a decorative manner or a bit of fishing net can be draped over it. Depending on the mirror you choose it may have one or several of these extras.

But of course if your mirror doesn’t have them you can always add them on your own later from items you’ve purchased or even collected on the beach. Sometimes images of marine life, sailboats, and the sea are hand-painted on the frame as well.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Two In One

Serious nautical collectors or those who simply want something a little different might want to consider a mirror which is actually a cross between a ship wheel and a porthole. If you don’t know already, a porthole is a circular window on a boat that’s usually surrounded by a sturdy metal frame with hinges and latches to keep out the water.

A porthole mirror looks just like a real porthole but has mirror glass replacing the window. Some creative manufacturers have realized that they can combine both of these favorites into one by placing the round porthole mirror in the center of a ship wheel. By doing so the ship wheel acts as a decorative frame.

Ship Wheel Mirror


No Need To Stop With A Wheel

Once you install your mirror there are many other pieces of décor you can use to complement it. From wall art to ocean artifacts and even bedding the nautical theme has a lot to choose from.  And once you get started these can be a lot of fun to shop for and collect. In fact it can actually be quite addictive.

There are also a couple of other mirror types you may want to use as well that will work your ship wheel and particularly when furnishing or upgrading a large space or beach house. A porthole, driftwood, seashell, or nautical rope mirror would all be excellent choices. And don’t overlook adding standard ship wheels, life rings, fishing nets, and other boat-related items to your walls either.

Ship Wheel Mirror


You won’t get any more nautical than a ship wheel mirror. Regardless of how close or far you may be from the sea this symbol of sailing, ocean fun, and beach life will have you tasting the salt in the air and hearing the crash of the waves in no time.

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A Nautical Rope Mirror Makes Seaside Dreams Come True

A Nautical Rope Mirror Makes Seaside Dreams Come True

Nautical Rope Mirror

Anyone who’s a fan of nautical décor knows just how big of an impact it can make, especially when it is something as functional as a mirror. Whether you want to create a seaside feel, add to one, or need something to complete it, a nautical rope mirror can help you to get it done.

An Instant Reminder Of The Sea   

Nautical rope is thick, braided, and extra tough. It also has the ability to hold knots extremely well. These features are crucial since it is used for all sorts of important jobs such as tying the boat to the dock, securing the anchor, connecting the ship’s riggings, and among many others.

Because these ropes are used on boats of all types, they are something that our brains automatically associate with the sea. So it’s no wonder that nautical rope mirrors naturally conjure up images such as classic sailing vessels and fishing boats in people’s minds.

Not to mention the feelings and memories of the ocean and beach from the salt in the air to the sand beneath your feet and distant cry of the seagulls.  So whether you are just a lover of the sea, or would like a functional piece of décor for your beach home, nautical or coastal-themed space, this is one option you won’t want to overlook.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Shapes That Work With Rope 

The flexibility of rope makes it ideal for creating both round and oval-shaped frames. The effortless manner in which the rope seems to wraps around the glass can be very visually appealing and is most likely one the reasons why a nautical round rope mirror is the most common shape chosen by most consumers with oval options being a close second.

You aren’t limited only to those shapes though. Nautical rope is still flexible enough that it can be used to create rectangular and square framed mirrors as well.  Rope does not form sharp ninety degree angles like other more rigid frame materials such as wood. So a rectangular or square nautical rope mirror will have rounded corners making it an eye-pleasing change from the norm.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Sizes Made For All Wall Spaces

Regardless of the shape you choose these decorative mirrors are designed for use on the wall not to stand on the floor. They can range from small to quite large so whether you need a beach style accent, a bathroom vanity mirror, something full length, or one that is even larger, there is a nautical rope wall mirror for your space.

(If do need something for the floor that follows a nautical or beach theme you may want to consider something else such as a standing driftwood mirror.)

Little Details Can Make A Big Difference

The specific mirror you choose will depend on what you like. But there are a couple of features that frames may have which can set them apart from the rest if that is what you want. For example some frames may use rope that has been salvaged and therefore already used which can give your mirror a more authentic feel and worn look.

Other frames might have rope that has been whitewashed to make it look like it has been used on a ship for many years even though it really hasn’t. To bring out fine individual details nautical rope can also be hand-painted or stained.

Nautical Rope Mirror

And while the majority of options will use rope that is a single size, you may want to choose a rope nautical mirror that uses multiple sizes together for a different visual appearance. Another way that mirror makers add interest and contrast is by wrapping or tying small sections of the frame together with string or twine.

Some frames may even have an extra piece of nautical rope attached to the top of the frame with a loop. This is usually only decorative and used to make it seem as if the mirror is hanging from the loop even though it is really attached to the wall with the mounting hardware on the back of the frame.

Many people will add an ornamental or nautical style hook or holder to their wall and place the loop around it to finish off the effect. And don’t forget that you can always add dried out starfish, shells, or a bit fishing net to your rope frame on your own. One’s which you have personally collected can really make it special.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Shopping For Your Mirror

Since these are nautical-themed and not nearly as common as other types, when shopping for a nautical rope mirror Target and other local big-box stores are not going to be your best bet. If you’re lucky and happen to have a shop close by that specializes specifically in nautical or beach décor you may want to check there, but generally the biggest selection and best prices can be found online on sites like Amazon.

A DIY Project?

If you would like to try your hand at making your own DIY nautical rope mirror that is always an option too. You can use an old mirror that your already own or purchase an inexpensive one. Something round or oval is the easiest. Other than a mirror you will need: rope, heavy-duty scissors or a knife, masking tape, and a hot glue gun or epoxy.

Nautical Rope Mirror

If your mirror already has a frame you will be gluing your rope right onto it. Start by cutting a length of rope and wrapping it around the inner edge of the frame to hide it from view, taping it down every couple of inches to keep it in place. Once you get all the way around cut off any excess so that the two ends are flush and glue the rope in place.

Once the glue is dry, simply repeat the process working your way around the frame ring by ring until it is totally hidden. If you have a frameless mirror you can follow the same steps but you will be gluing your rope directly onto the glass of the mirror. You will also want to start at the outside edge of the mirror and work your way in creating your own rope frame as you go.

Nautical Rope Mirror

A Little Less Nautical?

When checking out what nautical rope mirrors have to offer if you find that you like the look of the ropes but want something that is actually a little less nautical there are other choices. You might prefer a mirror that has a normal wooden or metal frame but includes a portion of nautical rope as an accent on the frame, surrounding it, or that is used to hang it.

Keep The Theme Going

There are many ways to keep the nautical theme going throughout your home in addition to your rope mirror. Pictures and paintings of beach scenes or sea life along with wall décor such as anchors, life rings, and nets all can do the trick but there are many more. The nautical theme is actually one of the easiest and most fun to get creative with.

There are also a few other mirror varieties such as those that have frames made from driftwood, which you might want to think about using in your home as well. A handful, are actually designed to look like different the parts of a ship and might be the perfect way to keep the theme up in various rooms. A porthole mirror or ship wheel mirror for example would both be fabulous choices.

Nautical Rope Mirror

It doesn’t matter where you install one, a nautical rope mirror will be sure to bring any room to new nautical heights. Whether you dream of sandy seaside places or the open ocean, this is one special option you need to have on your wall.

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Bring The Beach Home With A Driftwood Mirror

Bring The Beach Home With A Driftwood Mirror

Driftwood Mirror

When you would like to create a beach, coastal, or even tropical feel your standard wooden mirror frame just won’t do, a much better choice is driftwood. With beauty that has been crafted by the natural weathering of the water, sun, and sand a driftwood mirror is a piece of wall art that allows you to bring the look and feel of the beach home with you.

Driftwood Basics

Driftwood can be found washed ashore on the beach but also rivers and lakes too. It is not one particular type of wood instead it is any variety that has ended up in the water and eventually drifted to shore. While it is often comes from broken trees and branches due to extreme weather it can come from lumber or debris from things like boats, docks, and other man-made items.

The weathered and sun-bleached look of driftwood makes it a perfect choice for all types of artwork including mirror frames. Each individual piece is not only created and shaped by nature but actually has its own story to tell.

Driftwood Mirror


Common Colors

Since they have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, real driftwood pieces typically range from brown to light gray in color. They really can be any shade depending on the type of wood and what it has experienced.

Because each frame is made up of countless individual pieces from different sources driftwood mirrors can make a stunning display. An added bonus is that because these are neutral colors, they will work with virtually any color scheme you may already have in your home.

Driftwood Mirror


Faux Driftwood Is A Choice Too

When shopping for a driftwood framed mirror it is important to know that while some mirrors will use real hand-selected driftwood others will not. What you type you choose will really come down to your preferences. Mirrors that do use real driftwood will usually have the most variation in the color, size and shape of the individual pieces.


For those people that simply want something that looks similar there are other options that are made from real wood. Some mirrors will actually use roots to mimic the look of driftwood since they can look so similar in appearance.

These usually are bleached and come from woods like teak, acacia, along with a few others. Mirrors that use them can be a great choice if you want a rustic driftwood mirror that is more uniform in color.

Driftwood Mirror


Made To Look Weathered

Other frames may use reclaimed or recycled wooden pieces or planks that have some age to them already which makes them appear weathered. Another common choice is wood that has been given a distressed or whitewashed finish.

These make it seem like the wood has been in floating around in the water or sitting on the beach for years with even though it really hasn’t. These processes can also be applied to roots and even real driftwood pieces to make them look even more rustic or aged than they are.

But there are also frames that have been whitewashed or distressed and look much more contemporary and smooth looking. They are often advertised as being “driftwood,” in color or having a “driftwood finish.” Some frames are simply just painted all white. A white driftwood mirror can seem older since driftwood is usually bleached by the sun and lighter in color.

Driftwood Mirror

Frame Basics

These mirrors really are a type of wall art and you will see their true beauty reflected in the many different frame styles, shapes, and sizes. Some frames may have pieces of real or faux driftwood that are simply placed next to one another.

Others may have multiple layers on top of one another, or they may even be intertwined creating a three dimensional and of course unique frame that is truly one-of-a-kind. A few frames even use wood which is crosscut for something a little different visually which shows you the inner portion of the wood.

Many people don’t realize that to keep individual pieces in their place nails are typically used, so the heads of these nails are usually at least partly visible. So if you see this when shopping it is totally normal and will not take away from the natural appearance of your mirror.

Driftwood Mirror


Popular Choices

While there are many different options round mirrors in particular are very popular because they tend to display all the beauty that driftwood has to offer. A round driftwood mirror will often have quite a substantial frame depending on how the wood is installed, sometimes even much larger than the mirror itself. A lot have multiple layers of wood which can really add depth.

One very famous round type is what is known as a sunburst mirror. While they may have had their origins in seventeenth century Italian Catholic churches and typically are made from metal, they have also been adapted to use driftwood. A driftwood sunburst mirror will consist of a round mirror surrounded with pieces of wood that reach out along the wall like the sun’s rays.

This type may also be advertised as a “driftwood starburst mirror.” Whether you call them starburst or sunburst they are the same thing so there’s no reason to be confused. The frames can have wooden rays of light spreading out quite far, so even a small mirror can make a big impression. Or you may want to go big and use your mirror as the focal point of the room.

Driftwood Mirror

Square and rectangular framed mirrors are also a fabulous choice too. These may sometimes use longer pieces of driftwood or planks installed lengthwise and which can be quite heavy. A rectangular full length driftwood mirror would make a stunning piece of décor for helping you to get dressed every day.

A full length mirror will usually need to be leaned against the wall or installed vertically on it because of the added weight of the frame. But don’t forget that you can always install them horizontally on the wall as well.

The natural curves of some pieces of wood can also make them a perfect fit for creating a driftwood heart mirror which can be quite a treat visually especially when it has a frame that has some depth to it.

Driftwood Mirror


Best Spots To Use One

Of course driftwood mirrors are a favorite choice for both beach and lake homes but they are actually very versatile and anyone who appreciates nature will be sure to enjoy having one in their house. They can be used in any room or space where you’d like to add some natural beauty or a beach-themed style. They are often installed in entryways, hallways, and bedrooms.

Placing one above the fireplace can make for a focal point that will not just grab attention but be sure to be a conversation starter as well. And don’t forget the bathroom either. A driftwood bathroom mirror can add the finishing beach style touch or create a seaside feel all on its own.

Driftwood Mirror

Don’t Forget Other Nautical Décor

There are many ways to complement driftwood mirrors and one of the best is by using other pieces of beach-themed and nautical décor. Things like ship wheels and wooden anchors can be added to walls. And of courses paintings and images of fish, beaches, light houses, and marine life always do the trick.

Some people even like to attach shells and starfish right to the frame of their mirror for extra emphasis. Placing smaller individual pieces of driftwood on top of coffee tables, shelves, and mantles will help to echo the look of your mirror.

Hanging larger driftwood pieces on walls can look fantastic too. If it is a beach or lake home you might want to think about using a different driftwood mirror in each room or add other nautical style choices such a porthole mirror to keep the theme going throughout the house.

Driftwood Mirror


Make Your Own

If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach, a lake, or river and are looking to save some cash, making a driftwood mirror on your own might be a fun project in your spare time. You can even get the kids involved by having them help find the perfect pieces for your project.

There are plenty of tutorials online about how to make a driftwood mirror but it is a simple DIY project, so you really don’t need too many instructions. All you’ll need is a mirror of whatever shape you prefer, pieces of driftwood, and a hot glue gun.

Driftwood Mirror

You can use an old mirror from home, something inexpensive from a garage sale or purchase a new and inexpensive one. Then you will simply glue your wood pieces over the frame piece by piece and keep going around until you cannot see the frame underneath or have reached the desired shape and size.

An even simpler method would be to purchase a driftwood wreath in the shape you want and then glue it over a mirror. This would be a good choice if you don’t have any access to driftwood, but will typically only allow you to make a small driftwood mirror since wreaths aren’t usually very large.

Driftwood Mirror

Whether you decide to purchase one or build your very own DIY driftwood mirror, it will be sure to be a piece of décor you truly treasure. And wherever you place it will be undoubtedly enhanced from the beauty that only Mother Nature can provide.

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Get Nautical With A Porthole Mirror

Get Nautical With A Porthole Mirror

Porthole Mirror

Many people prefer a nautical theme when it comes to the design of their space. Yet they often become stuck when trying to decide on what type of mirror will work best with one. Luckily for them there is a fun solution, a porthole mirror.

What’s A Porthole?

A porthole is the round window on the hull (body) of a ship. Its function is to let sunlight into the dim spaces of the boat and give those inside a view of what is going on outside. When opened it also lets in fresh air. Of course these windows are designed to keep water out when they are locked and therefore are extra strong with reliable hinges and latches.

You can enjoy the look of your very own porthole with a porthole mirror. With one of these, a piece of mirrored glass is used instead of a transparent window. And the surrounding metal, hinges and bolts that normally would function as a water-tight seal act as a convenient, attractive, and unique looking frame.

Porthole Mirror


Where To Use One

These are wall mirrors so they can be used on any wall surface but they look particularly stunning when they are used in rooms with a nautical theme. When shopping for one you will actually often see them advertised as a nautical porthole mirror.

Nautical themed bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and bars are particularly great places to use one. But since they are so eye-catching they can also be used to create a focal point or conversation piece in non-nautical themed rooms as well.

Porthole mirrors are a favorite for children with pirate or ocean themed bedrooms too. And they would be ideal for any wall space in a beach house, cottage, or condo. As a matter of fact many boat owners actually like to use them in the cabin of their boats and they are also quite popular with RV owners.

Since they are quite inexpensive they are one of the only types of mirrors that are frequently purchased as gifts for friends who may have a serious interest in boating or just love nautical themed furnishings.

Porthole Mirror


Because the majority of real portholes are circular, you’ll see that when it comes to shape a round porthole mirror is the most commonly available option. Some may even stick out from the wall in a three dimensional manner, for those who are looking for something more convex.

Even though you may not see them as often, there are also oval and rectangular shaped mirrors. However if you are planning to use one in the bathroom as many people do, you’ll want to keep in mind that unlike with other types you are not as likely to find a rectangular porthole mirror with an attached medicine cabinet for storage.

Porthole Mirror



The size of round mirrors is described as a single number. This is the diameter or how wide across it is. So for example if you were looking at a model that was being sold as a 30 inch porthole mirror, that would mean it has a diameter of 30 inches.

You’ll want to read the description of the model you are considering to find out if this is the diameter of the mirror overall including the frame, or just the glass of the mirror. Something that is around 30 inches in diameter or more would be considered a large porthole mirror and could definitely be used as a vanity mirror.

Generally they run from around 9″- 24″ including the frame. The sizes of rectangular and oval shaped mirrors on the other hand are described by two numbers: the length and the width. If you do want something that is more substantial in size you might want to consider one that is rectangular in shape.


Porthole Mirror



Frame Materials And Finishes

Most frames are made from metal to help them look like a real porthole. Aluminum frames are normally the least expensive and can be made with a finish that makes them look like a more expensive metal. For example you could go for a faux bronze porthole mirror that would look very realistic but not cost as much as authentic bronze.

Brass, nickel, silver, copper, and chrome plated finishes are also usually options for models made from aluminum. But you may also want to consider an aluminum frame that is simply painted a solid color to match the space you will be using it.

Porthole Mirror

Solid metal frames from materials like brass will cost more. However of course you do get what you pay for and a solid brass porthole mirror can be stunning. There are also plastic and fiberglass frames although you will want to make sure you choose something that looks sturdy and authentic in appearance in order for it to be convincing.

Wooden frames are another choice and can be made to look so much like real metal that it can be hard to tell the difference.

Porthole Mirror


New Or Vintage?

Even though the design of many mirrors looks like it is straight off a ship from the nineteenth century, which is what they are often modeled after, you may want something that looks like it has actually been around and in use since that time. Luckily you don’t need to spend the money and time searching for an real antique porthole mirror.

Instead a much less expensive and just as realistic looking choice is one that has been made to look much older than it is. Fortunately these are easy to find because they are so popular.

They usually will have a hand painted finish to make them look like they have an aged patina just like weathered bronze or copper would. Wooden mirrors too can be painted in a “distressed,” style to make them look like they have been at sea for years with peeling paint, scratches, and scuff marks.

Porthole Mirror


The Ability To Open Or Not?

You may want to think about whether or not you want a mirror that can actually swing open like a real porthole window. While most look like they can because they have hinges, in reality not all of them do. For many people this feature is not important, but it depends on your preferences.

A mirror that can open can be used as a good looking way to cover up something on your wall that might be unsightly but that you need access to such as plumbing. You could even get creative with what you place behind your mirror by installing something like a hidden wall safe.

Porthole Mirror


Keep Going With The Nautical Theme

If you are just getting started with a nautical or beach theme there are many other furnishings and accessories that you can use to work well with your porthole mirror. Nautical bedding, wall anchors, nets and ship wheels, along with artwork depicting ocean life are just the beginning.

It’s also one of the easiest styles to get creative with. You may even want to install multiple mirrors in a room so that they are evenly spaced and in line with each other to make it seem as if you are actually standing on a boat. There are a few other nautical mirror types that you can use with your porthole too, such as a ship wheel or driftwood mirror.

Another Window Choice

For those who like the idea of a mirror that looks like a window but don’t want something nautical themed there is also what’s simply known as a window mirror. This type can look just like standard window with multiple panes. But they can also copy the look of a window you’d find on a French country cottage or even one from a church.

Porthole Mirror

A porthole mirror will definitely add a unique look to your home and surely go a long way towards completing any nautical themed room or space. So keep this option in mind when the usual choices don’t quite cut it and you want something truly different!

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Add Interest To Your Wall With A Window Mirror

Add Interest To Your Wall With A Window Mirror

Window Mirror

When you’re looking for something to add interest to your wall not all mirror types will do. You’ll want something that is a little different and of course eye-catching. A window mirror is not only both of these but often much more.

Also sometimes called a window pane mirror, this is one type of décor that truly offers a unique look. Instead of a standard type frame they use one that is designed to look just like a real window. They will often have multiple panes and come in shapes, sizes, finishes and with features that make them look extra realistic and even like a piece of art.

Window Mirror

The majority are designed to be used on the wall. But there are some larger models out there, most of which are what are known as “leaners,” a type of standing mirror that leans against the wall. Some of these can also be hung on the wall if that’s what you prefer.         

Wood Or Metal?

Most of the time, you will find that window mirrors either come with frames made from wood or metal. A wood window mirror is a popular choice for anyone who likes the natural charm that only real wood can provide and is often used to help create a country cottage feel. A metal window mirror will often cost more than wood but can make a huge impact on the space where it is used.

Window Mirror


Finishes New And Old

While you can of course purchase a mirror which looks new, it is very popular to go with a model that has a distressed or antiqued finish. Both wood and metal frames are widely available in these types of finishes which can make them look as if they are actually antiques. If you are looking for a shabby chic or rustic window mirror this would be a smart choice.

Window Mirror

In order to make them look older, wooden frames are usually sanded so that they are weathered and worn in appearance. Some companies may offer authentic older wood that has made into a window frame but without the mirror glass itself which may be worth considering.

To give metal frames that antique look they will often be hand-painted so that they look like they have rust spots. A few mirrors will also come with antiqued glass which looks cloudy and can add that extra touch to really make it look like it has come from another time period.

Window Mirror


Shapes, Styles, And Extra Features

Since most windows are rectangular in shape the majority of window mirrors are too. For something a little different you may want to consider one with a rectangular body but an arched top. An arched window mirror will give you an extra reflective surface above which can often be a big help when trying to add more light to a space.

Window Mirror

Some mirrors are actually made to be long and narrow just like that of a church. A church window mirror may have an arched top or even one that is pointy. They will often have panes with designs and motifs that look like they are right out of a cathedral and some are even Gothic in style.

If however you want something that’s round in shape you may want to check out what’s known as a porthole mirror, which is a mirror made to look not like the window of a house, but instead like a window on a ship.

Window Mirror

Features likes shutters can be quite charming. A window mirror with shutters can be closed to hide the mirror when not in use or left open, it’s up to you. Many choices that are made with shutters are designed to look just like windows on a rustic French cottage which of course can look fabulous both opened or closed.

Adding Light, Style, And More

While they can be used to check your appearance these mirrors are usually used more for other purposes.  Adding light to dim areas of the home such as hallways is one of them. The fact that they have many panes gives them the effect of many smaller mirrors placed side-by-side which can really play on the light.

Window Mirror

Another function is helping to make smaller spaces look bigger. And of course they always can be used as a piece of decorative wall décor because after all, that is what they are. Window mirrors can do a fantastic job at any or all of these, and they will be sure to get tons of compliments from your guests, which is always nice too.

Since they are so unique, they are also purchased to be used as a focal point for an entire room. Their rustic looks can make placing one above the fireplace an ideal spot for this.

Window Mirror

They are also sometimes used in areas where you would like the appearance of having a real window, but where one might not work well because you want privacy, like in a bathroom. And if you are searching for something for the kitchen, a window wall mirror is actually one of only a handful of mirror types that can be used with great success in this room of the house.

Using a window mirror is a fun way to get the light, style, or effect you need for your space. Anyone who is a fan of furnishings that have a country look, antique feel, or that are just a little different will be more than happy with the results they can provide.

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The Best Tips For Using A Mirror To Add Light

The Best Tips For Using A Mirror To Add Light

Mirrors can be used for much more than getting ready each day. One of their best features is the ability to bring light into the home. With the following simple tips and ideas you’ll be able to add light wherever you need it most.

Rooms That Normally Need Light

There are many areas of the home that can benefit from some extra light reflected in by a mirror. Areas that are normally dim such as entryways and hallways are prime spots to use one. Dining and living rooms that don’t receive much natural light are also popular places.

But of course it really depends on the layout of your home and your preferences. You may want certain rooms to be brighter than others. For example many people like to have their bedroom or home office as bright and airy as possible.

Use The Sun To Your Advantage

The simplest way to get a large amount of natural light into a room is to place a mirror directly across from a window that gets either morning or afternoon sun. For those with an attractive outdoor view this can be a great way to enjoy it from indoors.

If you’d prefer a little less light you may want to set your mirror so that it is on an adjacent wall instead so that the sun’s rays can only hit it a certain angle or times of the day.


Not Natural? No Problem!

You don’t need to have natural light to be able to make a room brighter; you can also use an artificial light.  An easy way to do this is to place your mirror directly behind a table or floor lamp. For a romantic glow you may want to place a candle in front of your mirror. Of course if you have wall lights you could use your mirror directly across from them too.

Go Big

You always want to choose a mirror size that works well with your space however the larger the mirror, the more light it will reflect. That is why you will often see homeowners using a large standing mirror for this purpose. When you have an area that is not very tall but wide you can always use a full length mirror and install it horizontally instead of vertically on the wall to help get as much light into a room as possible.

Go Frameless

If you have limited space and want the most reflective surface area possible a frameless mirror can do the trick. That’s because you get more mirror and no frame. Using one with beveled edges not only can add some serious visual appeal but can be used to play on light since the edges can function as prisms and reflect a range of colors.


Get Creative

Don’t forget to use this as a chance to get creative with your space. Positioning your mirror so that it reflects light onto other household items and décor that are also reflective can create some interesting results. Ones made from crystal, glass, and many types of metal all can work. And of course don’t overlook mirrored furniture either for both adding light and some Hollywood glam style.

Any one of these tips could be just what you need to brighten up even the darkest room. So be sure to try them out to get the most from both your mirror and your space.

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The Worst Places To Add Mirrors

The Worst Places To Add Mirrors

There are many fantastic spots in your home to use mirrors. However, there are also just as many that may not work. There are certain areas where adding one can actually take away from the look of your space. So before spending any time and money you will want to take a look at the following places where using a mirror doesn’t normally equal interior design success.

Wherever They Reflect Unsightly Features

While this is not one specific spot, it is without a doubt one of the most important concepts to keep in mind. Just as mirrors can be used to reflect things of beauty, they are often unknowingly used to reflect areas of the home that are not very flattering.

No one needs to highlight messy storage spaces, aging walls, or any other area of the home that they would not be proud to display.

Where They Reflect A View Into A Bathroom

This is one mistake many people make and directly related to the advice above. There is no reason to install, hang, or lean a mirror somewhere that gives others a direct view into the bathroom. Embarrassing situations will eventually happen either for you, your guests, or both. Plus, it’s just not an appealing reflection in general.

On The Ceiling

This should be an obvious no-no. Whatever your intentions would be, there is no excuse for making your home look like a seedy roadside motel. No more explanation is needed.

Across From The TV

This is a spot that many people ask about and for good reason. It’s normal to have comfortable seating like a sofa directly across from your TV so that you can relax when watching it. The wall space above the sofa or seating is an area that a lot of people are looking to add décor to.

However, a mirror is not usually the best choice since it will reflect the image and lights from the TV which can be incredibly distracting for anyone in the room. If you are looking to cover up a bare space on the wall you may want to consider artwork or framed photos instead.

Anywhere Where Young Children Play

If you have young kids you won’t want to have a mirror anywhere near their play area or where they may be tempted to have some fun. This goes for options on the wall but particularly when it comes to a standing mirror of course since it could be knocked over. Accidents happen and kids are curious, so it’s always better to keep things safe and make sure there is no chance of broken glass or sharp edges anywhere near young children.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is where we cook our food, wash dishes, and much more. Because of this there is a high chance that when used in this room of the house a mirror will become smudged, stained, and dirty both quickly and regularly. And of course these will be very visible.

While a mirrored backsplash can truly look phenomenal, anytime you decide to add a mirror in the kitchen it will take much more effort to keep it spotless. So for the average person you most likely will want give the kitchen a miss.

By not placing your mirror in these areas you will be making sure it doesn’t take away from the look of your home. Skip over them and choose locations that will improve how it is perceived instead. If you do, you’ll be sure to get the most from your mirror and your space.

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The Top Spots To Hang A Mirror

The Top Spots To Hang A Mirror

Mirrors are not only extremely helpful but necessary in the home.  But with so many walls and areas to hang one how do you decide just where to do it?  Well, check out these favorites which always work.

Across From A Window

Easily one of the best places to hang a mirror is across from a window.   This is a super easy way for you to reflect light into your house and can work wonders in dim rooms.  By placing your mirror across from a window that has a scenic view or even just some lush trees, shrubs, or flowers you can enjoy a natural work of art inside your home on a daily basis.

You can always do some planting directly across from your window to create this situation for yourself if your yard is looking a little bland or simply add a potted plant or two.

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is where most people do their daily grooming, brush their teeth, apply their skin care products, and shave.  Therefore it is one room of the house where a mirror is a must.  From a large vanity mirror to a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front there are an enormous amount of options specifically designed for bathroom use.  However, don’t be afraid to get creative if you see a wall mirror that is typically used in another area of the home.  Interesting and unique frames can also really make a big impact here since it is one room that is normally smaller than other spaces.


Across From Attractive Wall Décor

Framed photos, art and other wall décor can really add to the look of your home.  By adding a mirror across from these you can accentuate them and further enhance you’re the appearance of your space. Basically you get the benefit of twice the décor without having to spend extra money, except for the price of the mirror of course!  Plus you’ll be filling up some empty wall space in the process.

Where You Will Be Getting Dressed

Mirrors can add beauty but they are also about function.  And one of the most important functions of varieties such as a full length mirror is to help you look fantastic from head to toe.  So it is important to hang a mirror that will be used for this job as close as possible to where you will be getting dressed every day.  Of course this is not just true for mirrors mounted on the wall but standing mirrors as well.

On The Door

When the majority of people hear the phrase, “hang a mirror,” they assume it means only on the wall.  Yet when your wall space is full or cramped you can usually mount one on the door instead.  There are even options like an over the door mirror which have hooks that hang from the door itself so that you won’t have to put any holes in body of the door.  Adding a mirror to your closet or bedroom door can be very convenient for getting dressed.

While there are many others spots you can add or hang a mirror these areas often can make the biggest difference in both your life and the way your home looks.  So be sure to try some or even all of them for maximum impact.

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How To Clean Your Mirrors So They’re Streak-Free

How To Clean Your Mirrors So They’re Streak-Free

No one wants a streaky mirror or one which is covered in unsightly towel lint. However for many people these are exactly the results they get on a regular basis. Luckily cleaning your mirrors properly is actually a very simple task. You just need a few minutes and the right supplies.  So let’s get started!

Pick Your Cleaning Solution

Of course the first thing you will want to do is pick a cleaning solution. There are many excellent glass cleaners on the market which come in their own spray bottle. However while these can do a great job, they often happen to contain more soap than is actually needed which will tend to leave more streaks.

An all natural option which is much better at leaving a streak-free surface is a solution of vinegar and water. The effectiveness of vinegar as a cleaning agent is well-known and it will save you cash in the long run and won’t expose you to any dangerous chemicals.  You’ll want to purchase a spray bottle and add a cup of distilled water to one cup of vinegar inside or simply a 50/50 mix.


What You Wipe With Matters

If you use paper towels or rags to wipe your mirrors you will most likely also be adding the lint and towel fibers to them. Both of these options may also end up scratching your glass. While some people recommend using newspaper, it often can leave behind a residue which isn’t worth the effort.

The best choice is a thin microfiber cloth. These are inexpensive and are made to be extra-soft so they won’t scratch or damage your mirror. And best of all you won’t have to worry about those fibers or lint.


Quick And Easy

When you’re ready to start be sure to give your cleaning solution a quick shake and spray it onto your microfiber towel. You don’t want to spray directly onto the mirror itself because the cleaning solution can end up getting under the frame, under the mirror, or build up in the corners.

Just start at the top and work your way down in a zigzag fashion until the entire surface is clean. Don’t use circular motions as it will only cause streaks. You may need to fold your tower over and spray it again a few times depending on how large your mirror is to make sure you get the whole thing. And that’s it!


Stains And Corners Are No Problem

If you have stains on your mirror dealing with them before you wipe down your glass is a smart idea. Things like toothpaste or other substances can easily spread when you wipe them causing streaks.

All you need to do in order to deal with the majority of gunky stains is to wet a cotton pad in some rubbing alcohol and give the stain a few dabs. Cotton buds dipped in your cleaning solution can also do wonders for those corner spots that you may not be able to get into with your microfiber towel.

By following these tips you’ll be sure to end up with a spotless mirror that shines. Both fast and simple they will save you time and cash as well.

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Designing A Room Around A Mirror

Designing A Room Around A Mirror

A unique, and elegant mirror can transform any space by reflecting light around a room and make rooms look bigger. They can set the theme of rooms making them a focal point or using them to enhance whatever living space it’s placed into.

Choosing The Right Mirror


First, we have to choose a mirror that’s the right size for the room. Large mirrors are advantageous for two reasons. Firstly, they make the room look bigger.

After all, when you look into a mirror, you’re effectively perceiving another, identical mirror on ‘the other side’ of the glass – so strong is this impression, in fact, that it’s been a popular idea in fiction ever since Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There’. Secondly, they reflect more light, and therefore make the room brighter.

But larger mirrors can also have negative effects – particular if they’re placed in small rooms. They can dominate the space, drawing the attention of anyone who steps into the room. Unless you want every guest to comment on the impressive size of your mirror, then it’s better to plump for something a little more reserved.



Mirrors also come in a variety of different shapes. Tall, thin ones are great for performing quick whole-body inspections, while longer ones are great for creating the illusion of width to a wall space. Alternatively, you might consider the raft of uniquely-shaped mirrors, which serve decorative purposes.

All of the usual rules of interior design apply – you’ll want shapes which complement the shapes of other items in the room. So, if all your furniture is sharp and angular, you might elect for a sharp and angular mirror. If your room is full of rounded edges, on the other hand, then circles might be a better bet.

Placing Your Mirror

-Filling Gaps

Like all wall-hanging objects, a mirror can be used to either draw attention to a focal point in your room, or to deflect attention away from it. If there are any conspicuous spaces of blank wall, then you’ll want to fill it with an appropriately-shaped mirror. Note that you don’t have to completely fill the space – just put something there to break it up.

-Creating Focus

If your mirror is to serve as a focal point for your room, then you’ll need to place it accordingly. This is especially so in rooms which lack a natural focal piece of furniture, like a fireplace or a mantelpiece (or indeed a television) to draw the eye.

A mirror can serve just this purpose – or even slot in alongside an existing focal point in order to complement it, rather than distracting from it. For example, you might place your mirror over the top of your fireplace – that way, when attention is drawn to one, it will also be drawn to the other.


-Dispersing Light

One of the great things about a mirror is that they can disperse light around a room – softening those harsh shadows. In order to allow your mirror to perform this role, you’ll need to ensure that it isn’t surrounded by furniture – which will block those reflected beams of light, and create undesirable shadows.

At night time, when there isn’t any natural light, a mirror can also play this role. Be sure to place a lamp nearby, so that its effect can be magnified.

-Mimicking Windows

A mirror, as we’ve seen, looks essentially like a window into another room. So why not draw attention to this illusion by framing your mirror as though it’s a window. You might frame it with shutters, to create the complete effect.

You might even do this on the outside of your property rather than the interior – if you’ve an outdoor seating area that’s in need of some more illumination, then a window-shaped mirror might be just the thing to brighten things up.


As well as having single mirrors, you might have a few of them placed in a symmetrical arrangement. If your room already has a symmetrical layout, then this might help to exaggerate that layout. On the other hand, you might want to go for something slightly asymmetrical in order to achieve a different effect.

For example, having a mirror on one side of the room that’s slightly larger than one on the other side can yield interesting results. Be sure to play around and explore the possibilities.

Now that you know the basics you’re ready to get started. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on the fast track to success!

If you are looking for a unique, handmade mirror then this beautiful carved and hand painted mirror from Ian Snow would be a beautiful starting point to design your room around.

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