Driftwood Mirror

When you would like to create a beach, coastal, or even tropical feel your standard wooden mirror frame just won’t do, a much better choice is driftwood. With beauty that has been crafted by the natural weathering of the water, sun, and sand a driftwood mirror is a piece of wall art that allows you to bring the look and feel of the beach home with you.

Driftwood Basics

Driftwood can be found washed ashore on the beach but also rivers and lakes too. It is not one particular type of wood instead it is any variety that has ended up in the water and eventually drifted to shore. While it is often comes from broken trees and branches due to extreme weather it can come from lumber or debris from things like boats, docks, and other man-made items.

The weathered and sun-bleached look of driftwood makes it a perfect choice for all types of artwork including mirror frames. Each individual piece is not only created and shaped by nature but actually has its own story to tell.

Driftwood Mirror


Common Colors

Since they have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, real driftwood pieces typically range from brown to light gray in color. They really can be any shade depending on the type of wood and what it has experienced.

Because each frame is made up of countless individual pieces from different sources driftwood mirrors can make a stunning display. An added bonus is that because these are neutral colors, they will work with virtually any color scheme you may already have in your home.

Driftwood Mirror


Faux Driftwood Is A Choice Too

When shopping for a driftwood framed mirror it is important to know that while some mirrors will use real hand-selected driftwood others will not. What you type you choose will really come down to your preferences. Mirrors that do use real driftwood will usually have the most variation in the color, size and shape of the individual pieces.


For those people that simply want something that looks similar there are other options that are made from real wood. Some mirrors will actually use roots to mimic the look of driftwood since they can look so similar in appearance.

These usually are bleached and come from woods like teak, acacia, along with a few others. Mirrors that use them can be a great choice if you want a rustic driftwood mirror that is more uniform in color.

Driftwood Mirror


Made To Look Weathered

Other frames may use reclaimed or recycled wooden pieces or planks that have some age to them already which makes them appear weathered. Another common choice is wood that has been given a distressed or whitewashed finish.

These make it seem like the wood has been in floating around in the water or sitting on the beach for years with even though it really hasn’t. These processes can also be applied to roots and even real driftwood pieces to make them look even more rustic or aged than they are.

But there are also frames that have been whitewashed or distressed and look much more contemporary and smooth looking. They are often advertised as being “driftwood,” in color or having a “driftwood finish.” Some frames are simply just painted all white. A white driftwood mirror can seem older since driftwood is usually bleached by the sun and lighter in color.

Driftwood Mirror

Frame Basics

These mirrors really are a type of wall art and you will see their true beauty reflected in the many different frame styles, shapes, and sizes. Some frames may have pieces of real or faux driftwood that are simply placed next to one another.

Others may have multiple layers on top of one another, or they may even be intertwined creating a three dimensional and of course unique frame that is truly one-of-a-kind. A few frames even use wood which is crosscut for something a little different visually which shows you the inner portion of the wood.

Many people don’t realize that to keep individual pieces in their place nails are typically used, so the heads of these nails are usually at least partly visible. So if you see this when shopping it is totally normal and will not take away from the natural appearance of your mirror.

Driftwood Mirror


Popular Choices

While there are many different options round mirrors in particular are very popular because they tend to display all the beauty that driftwood has to offer. A round driftwood mirror will often have quite a substantial frame depending on how the wood is installed, sometimes even much larger than the mirror itself. A lot have multiple layers of wood which can really add depth.

One very famous round type is what is known as a sunburst mirror. While they may have had their origins in seventeenth century Italian Catholic churches and typically are made from metal, they have also been adapted to use driftwood. A driftwood sunburst mirror will consist of a round mirror surrounded with pieces of wood that reach out along the wall like the sun’s rays.

This type may also be advertised as a “driftwood starburst mirror.” Whether you call them starburst or sunburst they are the same thing so there’s no reason to be confused. The frames can have wooden rays of light spreading out quite far, so even a small mirror can make a big impression. Or you may want to go big and use your mirror as the focal point of the room.

Driftwood Mirror

Square and rectangular framed mirrors are also a fabulous choice too. These may sometimes use longer pieces of driftwood or planks installed lengthwise and which can be quite heavy. A rectangular full length driftwood mirror would make a stunning piece of décor for helping you to get dressed every day.

A full length mirror will usually need to be leaned against the wall or installed vertically on it because of the added weight of the frame. But don’t forget that you can always install them horizontally on the wall as well.

The natural curves of some pieces of wood can also make them a perfect fit for creating a driftwood heart mirror which can be quite a treat visually especially when it has a frame that has some depth to it.

Driftwood Mirror


Best Spots To Use One

Of course driftwood mirrors are a favorite choice for both beach and lake homes but they are actually very versatile and anyone who appreciates nature will be sure to enjoy having one in their house. They can be used in any room or space where you’d like to add some natural beauty or a beach-themed style. They are often installed in entryways, hallways, and bedrooms.

Placing one above the fireplace can make for a focal point that will not just grab attention but be sure to be a conversation starter as well. And don’t forget the bathroom either. A driftwood bathroom mirror can add the finishing beach style touch or create a seaside feel all on its own.

Driftwood Mirror

Don’t Forget Other Nautical Décor

There are many ways to complement driftwood mirrors and one of the best is by using other pieces of beach-themed and nautical décor. Things like ship wheels and wooden anchors can be added to walls. And of courses paintings and images of fish, beaches, light houses, and marine life always do the trick.

Some people even like to attach shells and starfish right to the frame of their mirror for extra emphasis. Placing smaller individual pieces of driftwood on top of coffee tables, shelves, and mantles will help to echo the look of your mirror.

Hanging larger driftwood pieces on walls can look fantastic too. If it is a beach or lake home you might want to think about using a different driftwood mirror in each room or add other nautical style choices such a porthole mirror to keep the theme going throughout the house.

Driftwood Mirror


Make Your Own

If you are lucky enough to live close to the beach, a lake, or river and are looking to save some cash, making a driftwood mirror on your own might be a fun project in your spare time. You can even get the kids involved by having them help find the perfect pieces for your project.

There are plenty of tutorials online about how to make a driftwood mirror but it is a simple DIY project, so you really don’t need too many instructions. All you’ll need is a mirror of whatever shape you prefer, pieces of driftwood, and a hot glue gun.

Driftwood Mirror

You can use an old mirror from home, something inexpensive from a garage sale or purchase a new and inexpensive one. Then you will simply glue your wood pieces over the frame piece by piece and keep going around until you cannot see the frame underneath or have reached the desired shape and size.

An even simpler method would be to purchase a driftwood wreath in the shape you want and then glue it over a mirror. This would be a good choice if you don’t have any access to driftwood, but will typically only allow you to make a small driftwood mirror since wreaths aren’t usually very large.

Driftwood Mirror

Whether you decide to purchase one or build your very own DIY driftwood mirror, it will be sure to be a piece of décor you truly treasure. And wherever you place it will be undoubtedly enhanced from the beauty that only Mother Nature can provide.

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