Frameless Mirror

Most people wrongly assume that for a mirror to look great it must have a beautiful frame. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact a mirror doesn’t need a frame at all; a frameless mirror can be a fantastic looking choice and one which has many other benefits as well.

The most common reasons for deciding to purchase a frameless mirror are:

 Simple And Clean Look

Often times adding décor to a room which is simple and clean looking can enhance the space much more than by using items which are flashy. These mirrors are sleek and stylish but not over the top. They help to make a perfect balance, which is what most people are looking for.

Frameless Mirror


Match Any Theme or Style

Mirror frames often are made to be a specific style which can be great but if the style or the décor in your home changes and your mirror frame doesn’t it can actually be an eyesore taking away from the look of your home.

A frameless mirror does not have this problem and can easily be used in a space of any theme or style. And while it’s simple and clean look does work amazingly well to add to the beauty of modern and contemporary looking spaces, they will match just about anywhere you put them .


More than just matching and working with all styles they also will never go out of style. This makes them a timeless piece of décor that you won’t have to worry about updating to look current regardless of any home improvements or upgrades you do.

Frameless Mirror


Larger Reflective Surface

Because it has no frame taking up space, a frameless mirror has a larger reflective surface than a framed mirror of the same size. This means that the actual mirror itself can be larger but use the same amount of space.

A large reflection is an easy way to add a sense of space to even very small rooms and is perfect for adding extra light to dim rooms which can really brighten them up. By using one you make the most of the space you have available.

Don’t Overlook The Beauty Of A Beveled Edge

A simple beveled edge is a small detail than can make a huge impact on the way a mirror is seen. This decorative addition means the edge is cut at an angle less than ninety degrees. A beveled frameless mirror can look incredibly sleek and the edges themselves can act as prisms which often reflect some very vivid colors.

Frameless Mirror

The beveled edge also serves as a frame since it runs around the entire perimeter of the mirror so you in effect you get the look a frame but a mirror which is reflective over its entire surface.

Beveled frameless mirrors can be any shape from rectangular, square, round, oval, or even octagonal. Many vintage style options come in unique shapes as well. For added effect some mirrors will have more than one beveled edge.

Typical Frameless Mirror Options:

Fortunately for consumers there are many different types of frameless mirrors so they can be enjoyed anywhere in the house.


Because they don’t have to support their own weight and will remain stationary they have much more variety in shape and size than standing and door mirrors for example. Square and rectangular frameless mirrors are popular but there are other options too depending on your specific taste.

Oval frameless mirrors are fun because they give you two choices. You can hang them upright and then if you get bored of how they look or are just in the mood to change things up a bit, you can always take them down and hang them horizontally which will often make a room look larger as well because of the added width.

Round frameless mirrors are of course popular to use for their reflections and good looks but also many times in creative and artistic interior designs too. Using multiple round mirrors of either the same size or different ones to create patterns is a great way to get creative while adding style to your space.

Since they are so appealing to so many people many manufacturers even make small round frameless mirrors which are “peel and stick,” so kids and teens can kids and teens can use and have fun with them too.

Frameless Mirror



Many people don’t realize that there are even frameless options for those who are looking for something more vintage in style. Most admirers of vintage mirrors love the appearance and effect of mirrors with ornate frames, superb attention to detail, and lavish looks. Luckily vintage frameless mirrors can accomplish the same style and can look very similar to Venetian mirrors but without the bulky and expensive frame.

Frameless Mirror


Frameless Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors can be of any size from small to extra large and all shapes. Many large frameless wall mirrors are used to cover entire wall surfaces which can really add a lot of light into a room particularly if they are set in a position where they are reflecting natural sun light.

Wall mirrors are often used in hallways, above fireplaces, in foyers, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Frameless mirror mounting hardware like shown below is attached directly to the wall.

Frameless Mirror






While some models are more plain featuring just the arched shape of the Venetian style, they can often range to much more intricate in design. You can find many mirrors with gorgeous hand- etched floral designs and shapes that can be very complex and of course have a beveled edge.

Some models are actually heirloom quality. Vintage frameless mirrors are perfect for the bathroom, powderoom, or bedroom with their more feminine feel and are a particular favorite of women for use over a vanity.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors

The most common place frameless mirrors are installed is actually in the bathroom. This is for a few reasons. Most bathrooms don’t have a natural light source so they usually rely on overhead or wall lighting to do the job.

Since frameless mirrors reflect the maximum amount of light possible from their surface they really help to add a lot of light to the room. This can also really improve how the room is perceived since both light and reflection help to add a sense of openness and space even where there is only a little which is often the case in many small bathrooms.

Frameless Mirror

They are the easiest way to upgrade a bathroom to a new look and also one of the least expensive. Simply replacing your old and outdated framed mirror with a new frameless one can literally transform your bathroom and without the cost of any major renovations.

Frameless bathroom mirrors are simply wall mirrors or mirrored cabinets without frames so you will find them in all the same shapes. The most common spot to install one of any type is above the sink so you can see your reflection when brushing your teeth, applying skin cream, etc. and if it is a cabinet it also allows for convenient storage.

While some people prefer one medium or large size mirror many go for two instead. Two round frameless mirrors can look fantastic if you have a “his and hers” sink setup so not only does each person have their own sink but their own personal mirror too. But, of course it’s up to your own preference.

Frameless Mirror


Frameless Door Mirrors

Sometimes a wall mirror is not always the best solution. If you are a student, renting, on a tight budget, or have limited wall or floor space, a frameless door mirror might be a better option. That’s because they are cheaper than most wall mirrors and conveniently will attach to your door.

Many people use them on the back of their bedroom door, outside of their closet, inside, their closet, or on the inside of their bathroom door. The majority of these are full length so you can use them to help coordinate your outfits since you can see your entire body.

Normally there are two types: over the door mirrors which hang from the top of the door by hooks and ones which are directly mounted to the door itself. As for shapes there is not as much variety as with wall mirrors and most are either rectangular or oval.

Of course frameless door mirrors often have beveled edges as well so they can be a great way to add to the function and look of your room, while saving you both cash and space. The addition of a beveled edge can give them that special something that standard door mirrors just don’t have.

Frameless Mirror


Frameless Floor Mirrors

If you don’t have the wall space or want to free some up for other things like photos, or are looking for a full length mirror, a frameless floor mirror is a smart choice. Floor mirrors tend to make quite an impact on their own and when they are frameless even more so.

There are a few different types to choose from. The most common are floor standing mirrors which rest directly on the floor and have a foldable back which opens up with legs for support.

While these full length frameless mirrors allow you to make sure you look your best from head to toe every day, if you are looking for something larger to make an even bigger impression or perhaps use as a focal point there are floor mirrors which can be up to around 77” in height.


Your other option is a cheval mirror. These have 4 legs which resemble those of a horse and is where they get there name from as “cheval” means horse in French. Unlike other mirrors that are stationary these are attached to their base by a joint which allows them to swivel to any angle you need which can be very helpful when dressing.

These are elegant mirrors that almost always having bases and frames made from wood but there are a few frameless models around, many which that look quite modern, if that is what you are after.

If you’re looking for a small change that offers big results every time a frameless mirror is the answer. With options for every space they make a smart upgrade that won’t break the bank, but will enhance the beauty of your home. And don’t forget the impact that a simple beveled edge can make.

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