Full Length Mirror

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the office, at a party, or an important function only to realize your outfit doesn’t completely match or look how you thought it would. Smaller mirrors may be excellent for applying makeup, doing your hair, or just checking out your general appearance. However, to guarantee you look your absolute best from head to toe, you must have a full length mirror.

What Makes A Mirror Full Length?

Technically, a full length mirror is one which is at least 48 inches in height, many are actually taller. Anything shorter however, even though you may be able see your entire reflection in it, may not give you as true of a reflection as one which is really full length.

This is actually very important because it could make you appear thinner or heavier than you really are. There are quite a few different styles, options, and even sizes to help everyone look their best, add some beauty to their home or even provide storage.

Full Length Wall Mirror

The most common type of full length mirror is one which is mounted on the wall. These can have several advantages that other types do not. Choosing a wall mirror is a great way to be able to get the reflection of your entire body without having to take up any floor space which can be of course very important if you are living in an apartment or have limited floor space.

Full Length Mirror

Since they are so common you can often times find wall mirrors for much less expensive than other types such as the standing variety. But of course this depends on the frame material and quality of the mirror itself. That being said a mirror with an attractive frame can dramatically add to the look of any room even a standard black full length mirror can really add some style.

When hanging your mirror on the wall it’s a smart idea to keep the bottom edge off of the floor. This will help prevent damage to both the frame and mirror itself, from things likes vacuuming. Mounting it just above your wall’s baseboard is typically the best way to go for most average-sized people. Make sure you are able to see your shoes when looking at your reflection, if you can’t you may need to make it a little higher or lower depending on your height.

Full Length Mirror



Full Length Door Mirror

Many consumers need the function of a full length mirror but have neither have the floor or the wall space for one. If this is the case you might want to consider a door mirror. These are very popular for use on the backs of bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors.

They make an excellent choice for students and renters not only because they save space but they are generally inexpensive and often come with simple yet attractive frames. For this reason they are also a good choice for children’s rooms.

Some come with hooks which attach right on top of the door itself, these are called over the door full length mirrors. And added bonus is that by installing one these you won’t have to put any holes in the door.

Of course you could also purchase a wall mirror and mount it on a door as well just make sure your door is strong enough to support it. A few mirrors will actually come with both hooks and mounting brackets so you have the option of mounting them on the door, hanging them over the door, or on a wall.

Full Length Mirror


Free Standing Full Length Mirror

If you have the floor space a free standing full length mirror can be a charming choice. These are also good if you don’t have any free wall space, don’t like the look of a door mirror, or are just are more attracted to the look of a mirror which can stand in its own. Virtually all free standing mirrors are full length and there are actually three main types which are the most common:

-Floor Standing Mirror

These are tall and normally rectangular shaped mirrors which have a frame that either rests directly on the floor itself or has two short front legs. They also usually have a foldable stand behind the mirror. The ability to fold makes them popular for tight spaces like corners, since they take up much less floor space than you would think and can be quickly and easily stored away in a closet or under a bed if need be.

The vast majority of floor standing mirrors have wooden frames. But you will also sometimes find them in materials like metal which can be more sleek and modern in style or even have ornate vintage designs. If you are a looking for a very large full length mirror some standing mirrors can range up to almost eighty inches in height.

Full Length Mirror


-Cheval Mirror

Created in France, in the 1700’s, cheval mirrors have a look all their own. They have four legs, like a horse, and this is how they got their name “cheval,” as it means ” horse,” in French. Unlike a typical floor standing mirror, a cheval has a unique design which allows the mirror itself to be tilted to any angle you need. You can swivel it to look at the entire length of your body or just the portion you would like to focus on making them an ideal dressing mirror.

You will most likely see cheval mirrors in either an oval or rectangular shape. The oval variety can be an excellent choice for someone looking for a vintage full length mirror since they often have carved frames and can have a very antique feel. Rectangular framed options tend to look more modern. While wood is the most common frame and stand material, metal is also sometimes used.


Full Length Mirror


-Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Sometimes also advertised as a full length mirror jewelry box these have are may look very similar to a rectangular shaped cheval mirror but with a surprise, they provide you with a convenient place to store a ton of jewelry and accessories. Looking at one most people would have no idea that the mirror could open up and inside there would be compartments, hooks, and pockets to keep all of your jewelry organized, in one location, and from getting tangled, especially since they are only are only a few inches thicker.

Owning one can save a ton of time each day when trying to decide what accessories to wear with your outfit since they are all neatly stored right behind your mirror itself. This equals no wasted time trying to find matching earrings or untangled necklaces. Some models will even come with a lock and key to keep your items secure.

While they do vary in color, just about all are rectangular in shape (so that they can fit the maximum amount of items inside) and are made from wood. If you want a full length mirror with storage but don’t have the floor space, there are also ones which can be mounted on the wall although all of these may not be full length it depends on the exact model, and ones that go over the door.

Full Length Mirror

Top Tips For Choosing A Full Length Mirror

When deciding on a full length mirror keeping three things in mind will help you to quickly pick a winner: space, style, and function.


The amount of space you have is often a huge factor; take an honest look at how much you have available. If you have no wall space you will have to consider a door or floor mirror for example. And of course different floor mirrors will use different amounts of space as well. Alternatively, if you don’t have floor space to work with you should consider a wall or door mirror.

Using a wall mirror or door mirror is actually a fantastic way to make a small room look a little bigger and brighter.

Full Length Mirror


If you want to get the most from your mirror, you’ll want it add to the look of the room in which it is being used. To do so like any mirror you want to pick a frame which matches your current décor and style. Both black and white full length mirrors are often a very easy way to do so.

Since their frames are a neutral color, they tend to go well with just about any color scheme and style. Don’t overlook frameless mirrors either though, which can be gorgeous and add even more light (particularly with beveled edges). Many frameless models go great with a more modern look, and are in general really a timeless option.


What you intend to use one for will also make a difference in the mirror you ultimately choose. You might just be looking for a cheap full length mirror only to help you when getting dressed. If that’s the case, you won’t have to think too much about the one you pick.

However if you want it to be the focal point of your room, or really accent your current style then you’ll obviously have to put some more thought into the type of frame, shape, and material used which can of course mean spending more money. Also if you need storage then a full length mirror jewelry armoire might be the best choice. Knowing what you really need one for before you buy will help to end up with something you are satisfied with.

Full Length Mirror


Best Places To Buy Full Length Mirrors

While keeping the above considerations in mind there are a few places to get some good deals. Without exception the internet is the best. You will find the best deals on standard and even very high-end mirrors by shopping online with reputable companies such as Amazon.com.

You’ll be able to get a new one free of charge if it is damaged during shipping, which is actually very rare as almost all mirrors are packaged exceptionally well to prevent this. And many times shipping is free as well, you just have to look around and read the reviews.

For basic mirrors at competitive prices from an actual store, in the United States many consumers purchase Target full length mirrors since this chain is so widespread and known for discounts. In the UK considering an Argos full length is an easy way to go since they do have a good selection particularly of attractive cheval mirrors which look much more expensive than they are.

IKEA can be found in many countries including the US, UK, throughout Europe and more. IKEA full length mirrors are popular around the world for being really cheap, and are a favorite particularly with college students, and people on a tight budget. However, as with many IKEA products they are not going to last a lifetime, but hey they’re cheap.

Full Length Mirror

Another smart way to shop, especially if you’re looking for a luxury mirror, is to go to a few local furniture shops first so you can see what they look like in person. Then, go home and try to find either the same model or one similar but of course from a reputable company, online. Doing this might take a few hours but can save you big bucks!

With a little thinking and smart shopping you can easily find a full length mirror that meets your needs and of course budget. From the wall to floor, and even on the door, this is one mirror everyone must have in their home.

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