Vanity Mirror

One of the most well-known types of all mirrors and also one of the most common is the vanity mirror. However, since there are quite a few different types all of which that go by the same name, plus different types of vanity furniture it can be a little confusing. So here’s a quick guide to help you learn all you need to know about this mirror that is not only useful but necessary.

So What Exactly Is A Vanity Mirror?

A vanity mirror is a mirror used to check your appearance, apply makeup, do your hair, and basically help you to look your best. But of course they are not only functional but can be very attractive and really add to the look of your home too.

Depending on what you need one for, there are mirrors that can do some or all of these. They can be many different shapes and sizes, have frames, be frameless, come in multiple styles, and be attached to vanity furniture or mounted on the wall.

Some also have lights for both looks and to help you get the best reflection possible. Vanity mirrors can also be used in all different rooms of the house.

Vanity Mirror


A Bathroom Vanity Mirror     

A bathroom vanity is the cabinet or stand under the sink in your bathroom. And it is above this and on the wall, that a vanity mirror is placed. In fact this is the mirror most often used in the home and by the most family members.

Whether it is while brushing your teeth, combing your hair, putting on skin cream, applying makeup, or getting dressed, it is an incredibly important piece of home décor because it is used multiple times every day.

Vanity Mirror

The mirror you choose can also have a huge impact on the look of your bathroom itself. Picking one that goes with the style of your bathroom is of course essential and if you do, it will not only look fantastic by itself but will help all of your other accessories and décor look even better and more cohesive.

An easy way to do this is by choosing a mirror with a frame that matches your vanity cabinet and the overall theme of your bathroom itself. For example frames that are very ornate usually portray a more antique or traditional feel. Silver frames and frameless mirrors are a great idea for more modern bathrooms so try to pick one that goes with the style of your cabinet or bathroom theme.

Vanity Mirror

White mirrors are the simplest color choice of all since they match or work well with just about every color scheme particularly if you have a white vanity cabinet. But even if you don’t, since white is a neutral color it virtually always will complement any decor.

You always also have the option of purchasing a set which includes a matching mirror and vanity cabinet in one so you get the best match possible. Some of these but not all may also come with a sink. Bathroom vanity mirrors come in a few different shapes  such as round, oval, square, and rectangular which are all very popular, it just depends on what you like and need.

If you have a “his and hers” bathroom vanity with two sinks you can go for a really large mirror  like the one below which covers most of the wall or two separate mirrors: one above each sink. It’s up to you!

Vanity Mirror


A Lighted Vanity Mirror

A lighted vanity mirror is one of the best ways to not only guarantee you get the most realistic reflection of yourself but also will add some light to wherever you place your mirror. There are many different lighting options which can be wall mounted above, next to, under, and around your vanity mirror.

However when it comes to lighting which is installed in the mirror itself there are two very popular choices: LED and Hollywood vanity mirrors.

An LED Vanity Mirror

Unlike other types of lighting LED’s or light emitting diodes have a few special qualities. They last for many years, use much less electricity, and actually produce the best white light for applying makeup and shaving. Adding one to a bathroom or bedroom is a fantastic looking way to add both much need light and an upscale looking mirror all in one package.

LED vanity mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can be lit from behind or on the front of the mirror itself in many different and appealing styles.

Vanity Mirror


A Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights

One of the most well-known and glamorous looking of all vanities are Hollywood vanity mirrors. With light bulbs surrounding their frame they have a distinct look all their own that can make you feel like a movie star in your own home even if you are just applying make up to go to the office.

You have a few different options if this is what you’re after. There are wall mounted mirrors which can be placed over a vanity desk or table, or on a bathroom wall. Mirrors with stands can be attached to desks or tables, and some have the option of being able to be mounted on the wall as well depending on the model.

Vanity Mirror

You’ll be able to find ones with different color frames but frameless mirrors are the most common. In terms of shape rectangular, square and circular are all very popular. Many Hollywood vanity mirror lovers who want the glamorous Hollywood look but already have a mirror installed on their wall, usually in the bathroom, will choose to add a strip of vanity lights above the mirror itself.

This can give you the look you want plus is an easy upgrade that is also inexpensive. However, for the ultimate in elegance and movie star style, a Hollywood vanity table set is the way to go.  While these are more expensive they are a high-end piece of functional furniture.

Normally sets include a bench, drawers for storage, a vanity mirror with light bulbs, and often times extras like velvet lined drawers to protect delicate items like jewelry. Adding a piece like this to any room is an instant focal point and great stand alone piece that you will use every day.

Vanity Mirror


A Vanity Table Or Vanity Desk With Mirror Attached

Another choice is a vanity table with mirror attached. You will also see them advertised as a vanity desk with mirror or even a dressing table with mirror attached. Regardless of what you choose to call them these give you the option of having your own personal space to apply your makeup and make sure you look great for the day without having to wait your turn in the bathroom.

They also can make a luxurious looking addition to whatever room you choose to add them. In most cases this means the bedroom, powder room, hallway, or even in the bathroom itself and the best part is they normally come in sets. A vanity set with mirror attached is definitely the cheapest way to find a vanity desk, mirror, and padded stool all in one.

Vanity Mirror

The vanity tables or desks themselves are normally made from wood which can be with a clear finish so you can admire their natural beauty or are painted. Both white and black are very popular choices. Some more modern looking vanity table with mirrors attached are constructed of glass and metal.

Regardless of their material most will have at least one drawer below the table top for storage of items like cosmetics, beauty supplies, and jewelry while many will have much more and some even have extras drawers on top of the table as well.

Vanity Mirror

But, you can always purchase accessories like acrylic makeup storage containers to help keep your supplies organized and within easy reach too. Most mirrors have a joint which allows them to swivel so you can adjust the angle depending on what you are using your mirror for at the moment.

Mirrors are usually rectangular or oval shaped and attached to the desk or table with included hardware. While some are more plain and have rectangular frames with straight edges other are more ornate and Victorian in style. There are also a few other types of vanities with attached mirrors:

A Flip Top Mirror To Save Space

A flip top mirror is a very convenient option if you want an attached mirror, to save space, or even use your vanity table as a writing desk. While the mirror cannot swivel, it is attached to hinges so it can fold down allowing you to use the desk or table for other things and then flip it up when you want to use your mirror to apply makeup.

For this reason they are very popular for teens and young girls who need a desk to do homework but also a place to sit and get themselves ready for the school in the morning.

Vanity Mirror


An added benefit of choosing one of these vanity tables is that there is normally an extra storage space directly below where the mirror folds down. Many models can hold quite a decent amount of items even as large as hairdryers so they are very handy for keeping all the accessories you need close at hand.

Some vanities will also have dividers in this storage space which makes keeping smaller necessities organized very easy. Usually you can take these out if you just want a larger space instead. Most of the time flip top vanity mirror tables are not as expensive as other types and are often a little smaller in size so they are perfect for tight spots and apartments.

A Trifold Vanity Mirror To Help You See What You Need

A trifold vanity mirror is yet another variety to choose from if you want a vanity table with mirror attached.  These will typically have one larger mirror in the center and two smaller mirrors of the same size on either side.

The side mirrors are adjustable so you can see yourself from every angle you need, which is always a plus, especially when doing your hair. And, since many are made in a luxurious Victorian style they can really add an elegant feel to any room which they are placed.

Vanity Mirror

All types of vanity tables with mirrors attached make excellent gift ideas for girlfriends, wives, and of course daughters whether teens who want their own space or young princesses. Usually they only require a minimum amount of assembly such as simply screwing on the legs. There are even sets made from plastic and with shatterproof glass so they are safe for really young kids.

Vanity Mirror


Purchasing A Vanity Mirror And Desk Separately

Of course you can always purchase a vanity mirror and vanity desk or table separately. This is a common thing to do if you own one of these items already. That way you either simply buy a mirror or a desk to go with what you’ve got and you’re done.

Some people just also prefer to use a large vanity mirror instead of the smaller and medium sized attached mirrors that come in sets. Buying a mirror and desk separately can be the way to go if you have a particular preference or need that is not available in a set.

Vanity Mirror


For example many people choose to mount a large vintage vanity mirror on the wall which can really make a huge impact particularly ornately framed ones and then purchase a vanity table or desk separately to go with it. Trifold vanity mirrors can also be purchased by themselves and are sturdy enough to sit right on top of a vanity without having to be secured such as the gorgeous Venetian style one pictured below.

Vanity Mirror


And there are all types of vanity tables to go with your choice of mirror. A particularly chic option is a mirrored vanity desk which is a desk that is covered in mirrored panels itself. It is perfect for anyone who wants to add some Hollywood glam style to their home, even more light reflection than just a vanity mirror can provide, or just match their mirror nightstands or other mirrored furniture.

Smaller Options

Sometimes you will find smaller mirrors also marketed as makeup vanity mirrors as well. These are much smaller and can be placed directly on top of a bathroom vanity, vanity table, or even a nightstand. Some models even attach to the wall.

Since many also use LED lights they are often referred to as LED vanity mirrors but these are not the same as the much larger variety described above. Most are round in shape, stand on a pedestal and can be tilted to any angle for easy use.

A lot are also double sided with one side providing you with a normal refection while the other is magnified so you can see your skin and individual pores much more clearly. Small trifold vanity makeup mirrors which use LED or fluorescent lights as well are another choice consumers have which are very space efficient and can fit on just about any table top and often cost only a fraction of the price of a wall mirror.

Vanity Mirror

From small to large and single or in sets vanity mirrors are a must for any home. And with the wide array of types, frames, lights, and shapes available not to mention vanity furniture to go with them they’ll make getting ready not only easy but stylish, comfortable, and improve the the look of any room.

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