No one wants a streaky mirror or one which is covered in unsightly towel lint. However for many people these are exactly the results they get on a regular basis. Luckily cleaning your mirrors properly is actually a very simple task. You just need a few minutes and the right supplies.  So let’s get started!

Pick Your Cleaning Solution

Of course the first thing you will want to do is pick a cleaning solution. There are many excellent glass cleaners on the market which come in their own spray bottle. However while these can do a great job, they often happen to contain more soap than is actually needed which will tend to leave more streaks.

An all natural option which is much better at leaving a streak-free surface is a solution of vinegar and water. The effectiveness of vinegar as a cleaning agent is well-known and it will save you cash in the long run and won’t expose you to any dangerous chemicals.  You’ll want to purchase a spray bottle and add a cup of distilled water to one cup of vinegar inside or simply a 50/50 mix.


What You Wipe With Matters

If you use paper towels or rags to wipe your mirrors you will most likely also be adding the lint and towel fibers to them. Both of these options may also end up scratching your glass. While some people recommend using newspaper, it often can leave behind a residue which isn’t worth the effort.

The best choice is a thin microfiber cloth. These are inexpensive and are made to be extra-soft so they won’t scratch or damage your mirror. And best of all you won’t have to worry about those fibers or lint.


Quick And Easy

When you’re ready to start be sure to give your cleaning solution a quick shake and spray it onto your microfiber towel. You don’t want to spray directly onto the mirror itself because the cleaning solution can end up getting under the frame, under the mirror, or build up in the corners.

Just start at the top and work your way down in a zigzag fashion until the entire surface is clean. Don’t use circular motions as it will only cause streaks. You may need to fold your tower over and spray it again a few times depending on how large your mirror is to make sure you get the whole thing. And that’s it!


Stains And Corners Are No Problem

If you have stains on your mirror dealing with them before you wipe down your glass is a smart idea. Things like toothpaste or other substances can easily spread when you wipe them causing streaks.

All you need to do in order to deal with the majority of gunky stains is to wet a cotton pad in some rubbing alcohol and give the stain a few dabs. Cotton buds dipped in your cleaning solution can also do wonders for those corner spots that you may not be able to get into with your microfiber towel.

By following these tips you’ll be sure to end up with a spotless mirror that shines. Both fast and simple they will save you time and cash as well.

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