A Nautical Rope Mirror Makes Seaside Dreams Come True

Nautical Rope Mirror

Anyone who’s a fan of nautical décor knows just how big of an impact it can make, especially when it is something as functional as a mirror. Whether you want to create a seaside feel, add to one, or need something to complete it, a nautical rope mirror can help you to get it done.

An Instant Reminder Of The Sea   

Nautical rope is thick, braided, and extra tough. It also has the ability to hold knots extremely well. These features are crucial since it is used for all sorts of important jobs such as tying the boat to the dock, securing the anchor, connecting the ship’s riggings, and among many others.

Because these ropes are used on boats of all types, they are something that our brains automatically associate with the sea. So it’s no wonder that nautical rope mirrors naturally conjure up images such as classic sailing vessels and fishing boats in people’s minds.

Not to mention the feelings and memories of the ocean and beach from the salt in the air to the sand beneath your feet and distant cry of the seagulls.  So whether you are just a lover of the sea, or would like a functional piece of décor for your beach home, nautical or coastal-themed space, this is one option you won’t want to overlook.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Shapes That Work With Rope 

The flexibility of rope makes it ideal for creating both round and oval-shaped frames. The effortless manner in which the rope seems to wraps around the glass can be very visually appealing and is most likely one the reasons why a nautical round rope mirror is the most common shape chosen by most consumers with oval options being a close second.

You aren’t limited only to those shapes though. Nautical rope is still flexible enough that it can be used to create rectangular and square framed mirrors as well.  Rope does not form sharp ninety degree angles like other more rigid frame materials such as wood. So a rectangular or square nautical rope mirror will have rounded corners making it an eye-pleasing change from the norm.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Sizes Made For All Wall Spaces

Regardless of the shape you choose these decorative mirrors are designed for use on the wall not to stand on the floor. They can range from small to quite large so whether you need a beach style accent, a bathroom vanity mirror, something full length, or one that is even larger, there is a nautical rope wall mirror for your space.

(If do need something for the floor that follows a nautical or beach theme you may want to consider something else such as a standing driftwood mirror.)

Little Details Can Make A Big Difference

The specific mirror you choose will depend on what you like. But there are a couple of features that frames may have which can set them apart from the rest if that is what you want. For example some frames may use rope that has been salvaged and therefore already used which can give your mirror a more authentic feel and worn look.

Other frames might have rope that has been whitewashed to make it look like it has been used on a ship for many years even though it really hasn’t. To bring out fine individual details nautical rope can also be hand-painted or stained.

Nautical Rope Mirror

And while the majority of options will use rope that is a single size, you may want to choose a rope nautical mirror that uses multiple sizes together for a different visual appearance. Another way that mirror makers add interest and contrast is by wrapping or tying small sections of the frame together with string or twine.

Some frames may even have an extra piece of nautical rope attached to the top of the frame with a loop. This is usually only decorative and used to make it seem as if the mirror is hanging from the loop even though it is really attached to the wall with the mounting hardware on the back of the frame.

Many people will add an ornamental or nautical style hook or holder to their wall and place the loop around it to finish off the effect. And don’t forget that you can always add dried out starfish, shells, or a bit fishing net to your rope frame on your own. One’s which you have personally collected can really make it special.

Nautical Rope Mirror


Shopping For Your Mirror

Since these are nautical-themed and not nearly as common as other types, when shopping for a nautical rope mirror Target and other local big-box stores are not going to be your best bet. If you’re lucky and happen to have a shop close by that specializes specifically in nautical or beach décor you may want to check there, but generally the biggest selection and best prices can be found online on sites like Amazon.

A DIY Project?

If you would like to try your hand at making your own DIY nautical rope mirror that is always an option too. You can use an old mirror that your already own or purchase an inexpensive one. Something round or oval is the easiest. Other than a mirror you will need: rope, heavy-duty scissors or a knife, masking tape, and a hot glue gun or epoxy.

Nautical Rope Mirror

If your mirror already has a frame you will be gluing your rope right onto it. Start by cutting a length of rope and wrapping it around the inner edge of the frame to hide it from view, taping it down every couple of inches to keep it in place. Once you get all the way around cut off any excess so that the two ends are flush and glue the rope in place.

Once the glue is dry, simply repeat the process working your way around the frame ring by ring until it is totally hidden. If you have a frameless mirror you can follow the same steps but you will be gluing your rope directly onto the glass of the mirror. You will also want to start at the outside edge of the mirror and work your way in creating your own rope frame as you go.

Nautical Rope Mirror

A Little Less Nautical?

When checking out what nautical rope mirrors have to offer if you find that you like the look of the ropes but want something that is actually a little less nautical there are other choices. You might prefer a mirror that has a normal wooden or metal frame but includes a portion of nautical rope as an accent on the frame, surrounding it, or that is used to hang it.

Keep The Theme Going

There are many ways to keep the nautical theme going throughout your home in addition to your rope mirror. Pictures and paintings of beach scenes or sea life along with wall décor such as anchors, life rings, and nets all can do the trick but there are many more. The nautical theme is actually one of the easiest and most fun to get creative with.

There are also a few other mirror varieties such as those that have frames made from driftwood, which you might want to think about using in your home as well. A handful, are actually designed to look like different the parts of a ship and might be the perfect way to keep the theme up in various rooms. A porthole mirror or ship wheel mirror for example would both be fabulous choices.

Nautical Rope Mirror

It doesn’t matter where you install one, a nautical rope mirror will be sure to bring any room to new nautical heights. Whether you dream of sandy seaside places or the open ocean, this is one special option you need to have on your wall.

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