Cheval Mirror

Luxurious and functional are the two words most often use to describe this wonderful type of mirror that will instantly add charm to any space one is used. So just what is a cheval mirror and why are they so special? Here is your all-in-one guide which tells you everything you need to know!

Unique Like No Other

Cheval’s are unique in quite a few distinct ways. First of all unlike many other options which are mounted on a wall or vanity, these are free standing. Because they are set on the floor just like other standing mirrors, you’ll sometimes see them advertised as a “cheval floor mirror”. They’re the same thing.

The set up of this type however is different from all other varieties. A cheval mirror is made up of a full length mirror which is attached to a base for support. The mirror’s frame attaches to the base by its two vertical bars (one of each side) using screws which can swivel.  The base is supported by four individual feet.

Cheval Mirror


A Little History

While some models can look quite modern the cheval mirror was actually invented during the 1700’s in France. Used as a dressing mirror, it got its name from the four feet of the base which resemble those of a horse. Cheval actually means “horse,” in French.

Extremely popular and sought after in their day, frames were often lavishly designed and carved. As time went on, many consumers started favoring other types of mirrors in an attempt to conserve space. However today, cheval mirrors are becoming more and more common, as people realize their beauty and just how budget friendly they can be!

Special Features:


The fantastic looks of a cheval mirror are one of the reasons they are so well-liked. They are a simple way to add to the style and feel of any room. Many people actually choose to use a cheval mirror as a focal point because they are so attractive. Using one can work to make your space even more cohesive if you purchase a model which accents your current furnishings which shouldn’t be hard to find.

Cheval Mirror


-Function From Design

Cheval mirrors are much more than a decorative accessory. They excel as dressing mirrors, as this is what they were originally intended for. Because they are full length cheval mirrors let you see your entire body so you can be confident each and every day that your outfit looks great and matches from head to toe before you leave home.

Their unique ability to swivel also makes them very popular because it means that no matter how tall you are, all you need to do is tilt the mirror slightly and you’ll be able to see yourself fully. Many people also just like having the option of being able to tilt their mirror to whatever angle they please instead of it being stuck in a stationary position, so they can check out their entire body or just part of it depending on their exact needs at the moment.

Cheval Mirror

An extra benefit, of their design is that you will get a true reflection from your mirror. Standing mirrors, as opposed to wall mirrors are not are not likely to bend or warp. This means you’ll be looking at yourself how you really are, not fatter or thinner like in a funhouse.

-Totally Affordable

While you may have to pay a few thousand dollars for an authentic antique cheval mirror, most other choices are incredibly reasonable, and often a downright steal based on how good they look, how well they’re made, and how often you use them. A cheap cheval mirror can often be less than a hundred, depending on the material, craftsmanship, and whether or not it offers additional storage of course.

Cheval Mirror


Frame Shapes

When it comes to frames you’ll typically find two shapes, oval and rectangular. An oval cheval mirror can add a more vintage feel to a space, as this was the original shape they were made in and the one which most people identify with this type of mirror.

Rectangular frames can range from traditional with carvings and medallions, to quite modern in appearance depending on their design and color. It’s really up to your own personal preference.

Cheval Mirror

Popular Materials And Color Options:


As for materials wood and metal are your two choices. The natural beauty of solid wood will always make a big impression. There are many different types of wood in a variety of stains and finishes all which can really look splendid.

An oak cheval mirror for example is a handsome choice that can be used to match other oak furniture or just look fantastic as a stand alone piece by itself. Cherry and walnut too, are also very popular natural looking options and are very common. Harder to find are pine cheval mirrors which are normally antiques.

Cheval Mirror

Other than natural finishes, white and black are both incredibly sought after options as well. Because they are both neutral colors it means they can easily match your existing décor. White cheval mirrors tend to portray a more classic look and are always a favorite of anyone who loves the shabby chic style.

Black cheval mirrors particularly if they are rectangular can look more modern, for this reason you’ll often see them offered in a gorgeous espresso finish. Of course you can also sometimes find them in other colors too. Many models made for children, are pink or have designs and patterns hand painted on them which kids adore, some of which will also feature child-safe glass which is always a good thing.

Cheval Mirror



If you’re looking for something a little different metal is an eye-catching choice. With accents like butterflies, leaves, and even birds there are some incredibly alluring metal cheval mirrors out there. Scroll style frames, bases, and legs are always a touch which can look very upscale as well. Many designs are antique inspired and are an inexpensive way to enjoy the luxurious look of an antique cheval mirror.

Cheval Mirror

Metal mirrors come in a few different finishes. Bronze, copper, gold, and silver cheval mirrors are all typical options. Aged or distressed finishes are a wonderful idea especially if you want even more of an antique look without the expensive price tag.

These are made to look as if they are much older than they really are and normally do such a fantastic job at doing so that you’re guests won’t believe you didn’t purchase your mirror at an auction or estate sale.

Cheval Mirror



A Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire For Storage

Sometimes also called a cheval jewelry mirror, these are a new and incredibly useful twist on an old idea. Designed just like your typical cheval mirror with a frame that can be tilted and on a base with feet, they also have a hidden surprise.

The mirror actually is the face of an armoire made to keep jewelry inside!  Normally there is a magnetic latch so you can easily open and close it when you need to, but that also ensures it will remain securely shut when not in use. Some models will also come with a key so you can lock the cabinet.

Cheval Mirror

Inside of the cabinet there are all different types of hooks, holders, and notches, so you can quickly and easily both find and store your accessories. A cheval mirror with jewelry storage can be an invaluable time and space saver because not only do they keep all of your jewelry organized and in one place, but they let you accessorize right in front of the mirror.

And yes, many can hold an enormous amount of items, usually more than most people own. If you happen to have an extensive collection another option is a cheval mirror with drawers underneath. While not as common, they can provide even more space for keeping your possessions. Usually the extra drawers are in the base of the mirror.

Cheval Mirror

Mirrors like these are always rectangular in shape instead of oval, which helps them to store a larger amount. They are made from wood and not metal but there is a large variety of colors, finishes, and types to choose from.

Many also have traditional carvings. Most cheval mirror jewelry armoires will require some minor assembly however you won’t need any skills and more than 15-20 minutes to put them together.

Cheval Mirror

Rectangular or oval, wood or metal, cheval mirrors are always a stylish choice. It doesn’t matter if you prefer traditional,modern, or something in-between, finding the right one is easy. Helping you to look your best every day from head to toe, adding to the style of your home, and possibly storing your jewelry as well, you can’g go wrong with a cheval!

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