Ship Wheel Mirror

There are only a handful of mirror options that can be used successfully in nautical style spaces and beach homes. A ship wheel mirror however is one which is sure to provide both the look and feel you’re after. And with this guide you’ll soon be on your way to upgrading your wall space with this iconic choice.

A Symbol Of The Seas

The ship’s wheel is easily one of the most recognizable parts of a boat. It is used to steer the ship by controlling the rudder. Each wheel has anywhere from six to ten spokes that extend outward which are used as handles to make turning the wheel easier.

Fortunately for fans of nautical décor the circular shape of a wheel makes a perfect round frame. And as you could probably guess for obvious reasons they are sometimes also called a ship steering wheel mirror

Ship Wheel Mirror

Nautical Spaces And Seaside Places

Anyone who has a beach home or is trying to create a nautical style space won’t want to overlook adding one or more to their walls. They are also a favorite for use in nautical themed bedrooms for infants and young boys.

But of course they are also a fabulous choice for anybody who just adores the ocean or is into sailing. For seafood restaurants and bars with a coastal feel, ship wheel mirrors are a functional piece of décor that will add an authentic maritime look.

They can be used in any area of the home so whether you need something for any entryway, hall, bedroom or a vanity mirror for the bathroom they can add the seaside appearance you crave.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Conquer Bare And Boring Wall Spaces Of Any Size

One of the biggest advantages of these mirrors is that they can create interest on plain looking walls and even spaces that are very large in size. They can do this not just because of their unique nautical style but also because of the spokes. Similar to with a sunburst mirror, these spokes extend outward around the frame in all directions.

This along with the length of the spokes gives the illusion that the mirror is much larger than it really is. So even if the actual glass of your nautical ship wheel mirror is quite small it can still totally transform the look of a wall space that is much more substantial in size.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Materials And Colors

Authentic ship wheels are made from a handful of durable hardwoods such as mahogany and teak which allows them to stand up to rough daily use, years of harsh conditions at sea, along with being exposed to the salty seawater and air.

Just like the real thing mirrors are also made from wood, but because they are purely decorative and don’t have to deal with the abuse of the ocean they are available in a range of different wood varieties. You may want to choose a mirror that is unpainted to highlight the natural beauty of your wooden frame.

Another option which can make the frame of your wooden ship wheel mirror standout is to choose one that includes metal details as well. Painted mirrors come in many different colors but one of the most popular combinations is always blue and white which is representative of the nautical theme.

Ship Wheel Mirror


The Wear Without The Use

Many consumers prefer a new looking mirror. However if you want something that looks like it has been travelling on the high seas for many years that is an option too. A distressed ship wheel mirror is made to look like it is much older than it really.

For maximum effect the wood may look scratched and worn, the metal can be rusted or have a patina, and the paint can be chipped and peeling. But of course this wear and tear is just for show. Distressed mirrors are in fact brand new and make an ideal choice for those who prefer more rustic or vintage style décor. They are also a much cheaper choice than purchasing an actual antique.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Frame Extras Add Emphasis       

Some mirrors may include some extra decorations on their frame to add even more of an emphasis. Real seashells and starfish can be glued onto the face of the frame. Nautical rope may be wrapped around it in a decorative manner or a bit of fishing net can be draped over it. Depending on the mirror you choose it may have one or several of these extras.

But of course if your mirror doesn’t have them you can always add them on your own later from items you’ve purchased or even collected on the beach. Sometimes images of marine life, sailboats, and the sea are hand-painted on the frame as well.

Ship Wheel Mirror


Two In One

Serious nautical collectors or those who simply want something a little different might want to consider a mirror which is actually a cross between a ship wheel and a porthole. If you don’t know already, a porthole is a circular window on a boat that’s usually surrounded by a sturdy metal frame with hinges and latches to keep out the water.

A porthole mirror looks just like a real porthole but has mirror glass replacing the window. Some creative manufacturers have realized that they can combine both of these favorites into one by placing the round porthole mirror in the center of a ship wheel. By doing so the ship wheel acts as a decorative frame.

Ship Wheel Mirror


No Need To Stop With A Wheel

Once you install your mirror there are many other pieces of décor you can use to complement it. From wall art to ocean artifacts and even bedding the nautical theme has a lot to choose from.  And once you get started these can be a lot of fun to shop for and collect. In fact it can actually be quite addictive.

There are also a couple of other mirror types you may want to use as well that will work your ship wheel and particularly when furnishing or upgrading a large space or beach house. A porthole, driftwood, seashell, or nautical rope mirror would all be excellent choices. And don’t overlook adding standard ship wheels, life rings, fishing nets, and other boat-related items to your walls either.

Ship Wheel Mirror


You won’t get any more nautical than a ship wheel mirror. Regardless of how close or far you may be from the sea this symbol of sailing, ocean fun, and beach life will have you tasting the salt in the air and hearing the crash of the waves in no time.

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