Mirrors are not only extremely helpful but necessary in the home.  But with so many walls and areas to hang one how do you decide just where to do it?  Well, check out these favorites which always work.

Across From A Window

Easily one of the best places to hang a mirror is across from a window.   This is a super easy way for you to reflect light into your house and can work wonders in dim rooms.  By placing your mirror across from a window that has a scenic view or even just some lush trees, shrubs, or flowers you can enjoy a natural work of art inside your home on a daily basis.

You can always do some planting directly across from your window to create this situation for yourself if your yard is looking a little bland or simply add a potted plant or two.

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is where most people do their daily grooming, brush their teeth, apply their skin care products, and shave.  Therefore it is one room of the house where a mirror is a must.  From a large vanity mirror to a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front there are an enormous amount of options specifically designed for bathroom use.  However, don’t be afraid to get creative if you see a wall mirror that is typically used in another area of the home.  Interesting and unique frames can also really make a big impact here since it is one room that is normally smaller than other spaces.


Across From Attractive Wall Décor

Framed photos, art and other wall décor can really add to the look of your home.  By adding a mirror across from these you can accentuate them and further enhance you’re the appearance of your space. Basically you get the benefit of twice the décor without having to spend extra money, except for the price of the mirror of course!  Plus you’ll be filling up some empty wall space in the process.

Where You Will Be Getting Dressed

Mirrors can add beauty but they are also about function.  And one of the most important functions of varieties such as a full length mirror is to help you look fantastic from head to toe.  So it is important to hang a mirror that will be used for this job as close as possible to where you will be getting dressed every day.  Of course this is not just true for mirrors mounted on the wall but standing mirrors as well.

On The Door

When the majority of people hear the phrase, “hang a mirror,” they assume it means only on the wall.  Yet when your wall space is full or cramped you can usually mount one on the door instead.  There are even options like an over the door mirror which have hooks that hang from the door itself so that you won’t have to put any holes in body of the door.  Adding a mirror to your closet or bedroom door can be very convenient for getting dressed.

While there are many others spots you can add or hang a mirror these areas often can make the biggest difference in both your life and the way your home looks.  So be sure to try some or even all of them for maximum impact.

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