White Mirror

White is an excellent color to use for any piece of home décor for many reasons, but particularly when it comes to mirrors. Since it is a neutral color it can work with, match, and also complement any existing color scheme you already have or are thinking about for the future. A white mirror will also go with any style or theme as well, plus it’s a great way to add some brightness to your space.

Since white mirrors can be any shape, style, size, or type themselves we’ve compiled a list of the most popular and commonly searched for options to help you find the right one for your unique needs, space, and personal preference.
White Mirror


A White Dresser with Mirror

It’s always natural for homeowners who are decorating a bedroom whether their own, for a child, or guests, to want all of their décor to match the best it can. And while you can purchase your furniture first and then add a mirror later on, often the easiest and most inexpensive option is to buy a set instead.

A white dresser with mirror set will guarantee that both your mirror and dresser have the same style, design, lines, and moldings so that both can look their best and add the greatest visual impact to your bedroom. Sets are also the simplest way for parents to find both storage and a mirror for their children without spending too much time or money since sets are normally cheaper than buying both a white mirror and dresser separately.

Plus, white color will work for any age group from young children to adults and of course there are different styles to meet even the pickiest preference from more plain, to modern, or even antique. Depending on how much storage you need there are single dressers and double dressers. And while some mirrors attach to the wall, other mirrors are attached to the back of the dressers themselves.

White Mirror 

A White Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are mounted directly to the wall and can be all different shapes styles and sizes to meet your needs. Most commonly however, you will find them in a rectangular, square, round, or oval shape. When used with a white frame they become an excellent option for any room that needs both neutral colored décor and a functional mirror.

Probably the most common use is as a white bathroom mirror. Because most bathroom color schemes, themes, and accessories such as tiles, sinks, cabinets, showers, and toilets are white themselves or match so well a white framed mirror is a natural choice.

Add the fact that a white frame adds brightness to a room and you have an easy choice for a new bathroom or bathroom remodel since it is usually one of the only rooms in the house that doesn’t usually get much natural light if any at all.

White Mirror

When decorating with white in general, using different shapes to do so can really go a long way, and for this reason both white round mirrors and oval mirrors can be an interesting choice that is often more appealing than using the more common rectangular frames. Using multiple round mirrors in different patterns can be a fun and unique way to add some white to your space as well.

White oval mirrors are very popular in the bathroom as well where they can be used a door for a medicine cabinet or above the sink. But of course both round and white oval mirrors can come in highly decorative frames that look outstanding in any room of the house.

White Mirror


A White Medicine Cabinet With Mirror

A medicine cabinet is many times a necessity for conveniently storing toothpaste, health products, and medicines, particularly in smaller sized bathrooms with not enough counter space. For this reason many homeowners who need the function of a mirror and are partial to white choose to go with a white medicine cabinet with mirror.

(If you are doing a remodel and already have a recessed medicine cabinet in your bathroom wall many homeowners will simply choose to replace their old mirror with a new white framed one.) While most cabinets have a single door, some larger models with have double doors. Frames are usually made from wood while the actual cabinet itself is metal.

The medicine cabinet you choose will depend on how much storage you need, the area you have available and of course your personal preference. Many cabinets are a statement of beauty with beveled edge mirrors, decorative white frames, and clean lines. Some models have extra cubby holes attached below for even more storage, decorative crystal knobs, and crown molding.

White Mirror

A White Vintage Mirror

For those who like the look of vintage mirrors there are a few options to choose from. The design of Baroque style mirrors comes from the Baroque period in Europe from the late sixteenth to early eighteenth century which was known for its lavish and intricate detail. Since most mirrors of this style are gold in color a white Baroque mirror can make quite an impression and a focal point which is tasteful yet not over the top.

Plus its color will allow it to match any space you choose to use. This is definitely the best style for you if you are looking for a white ornate mirror and really want to add a touch of class. Mirrors like these are most commonly used in bedrooms, over fireplaces, and also as an upscale vanity mirror.

White Mirror

Another popular choice especially if you want something that looks antique but without the price tag is a white shabby chic mirror. Despite being brand new, these are mirrors are made to look much older than they really are. In fact, your guests probably won’t believe you when you tell them your mirror is actually not an antique.

With a weathered look they make the perfect addition to any room which is decorated in shabby chic style already or for anyone who just adores vintage looking items that also look way more expensive than they really are. A white shabby chic mirror will work great in bedrooms for adults, young girls and teens, but also in the bathroom and as a vanity mirror too. When shopping for one they will often be advertises as a “white distressed mirror.”


White Mirror

A White Floor Mirror / White Standing Mirror

A floor mirror is a mirror which is not mounted on the wall but that has a base which allows it to stand on its own upright on the floor. You will often see the names floor mirrors and standing mirrors used interchangeably since they really are the same thing.

There are quite a few reasons to go with a white floor mirror instead of a wall mirror but it ultimately depends on your needs and preferences. They are the best choice if you do not have enough wall space but want a white full length mirror so you can see your entire body and of course outfit, which obviously can be very important when dressing for work or an important event.

White Mirror

Another option standing option is a white cheval mirror. This type of mirror has four legs resembling those of a horse and that is how it got its name since “cheval” means horse in French language. Unlike other standing mirrors a cheval has the unique ability to tilt to any angle so you can use it to look at your entire reflection or just the part you want.

While more modern ones are rectangular, for a vintage look a cheval mirror with an oval frame and ornate carvings can make a fabulous accessory piece or even focal point.  Whether you prefer modern or more traditional in style with a cheval you’ll be sure to get a large white mirror that really complements your space.


White Mirror

A White Dressing Table With Mirror

One of the most useful and elegant white mirror options is a white dressing table with mirror. These are also called vanity tables and white is without a doubt the most sought after and attractive color. Owning one will give girls, teens, and women the space they need to get ready for the day but with the comfort of a padded stool to sit,  drawers for makeup and accessory storage, and of course an attached mirror.

Often times the mirror can swivel so you can really focus on what you are doing and while it is usually oval shaped it can sometimes be rectangular. They come in a variety of styles from more modern with straight edges and clean lines to more Victorian looking.


White Mirror

A Victorian white dressing table with mirror can be very luxurious and often will have curves and a middle section which is lower than the rest which all adds up to a gorgeous addition to any bedroom or bathroom. For young girls and teens they work exceptionally well too because they can double as a desk plus will go with virtually all feminine themed and styled rooms in which they are placed.

White Mirror

For brightness and function a white framed mirror is always an outstanding choice. By using one you’ll be sure to enhance the look of your home and never have to worry about it not matching. From vintage to modern, square to oval, and wall to standing there is a white mirror to help your space look its best!

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