LED Mirror

LED mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes.  From small compact models to much larger bathroom mirrors, there is something for everyone and every need.  And with the many advantages of LED lighting, you can enjoy benefits and features that other mirror options can’t even come close to.

What Are LED Lights?

LED stands for: light emitting diodes.  Unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, LED’s use the movement of electrons to convert electricity to light.

The nature of LED’s offers some really big advantages to the consumer. While there are quite a few different choices, each with their own purpose and function, generally every mirror with LED lights will have the following benefits.

LED Mirror


-Save Electricity

Because they are much more efficient than other types of lighting, 300% more than fluorescent and 1,000% more than incandescent bulbs, they use much less electricity which means savings for you.

-Last For A REALLY Long Time

You won’t have to worry about needing to change bulbs. LED lights will last for many years and thousands and thousands of hours even when used all day long.

-A “Green Product”

The light they produce isn’t green, but they are an environmentally friendly product which doesn’t contain toxins or mercury.

LED Mirror


-Won’t Attract Pesky Insects

Since they don’t give off UV light, insects are not attracted to them as they are other types of lighting which is always a good thing!

-The Best Choice For Makeup

They emit light which is high quality, bright, and white.  And that makes them the top choice for makeup as all professional makeup artists know. If you don’t have the best quality light showing how you really look, you can’t make an accurate decision on the correct cosmetics to use.

-Shock Resistant

You won’t have to worry about your bulbs going out and needing to be replaced when there are vibrations or shocks like others would, as LED’s are very resistant to both.

LED Mirror


LED Mirror Options:

LED Bathroom Mirror/ LED Vanity Mirror

An LED bathroom mirror also sometimes called an LED vanity mirror is the perfect idea for anyone who wants an upscale look but also demands function. Instead of purchasing a standard bathroom mirror and then having to buy and install separate lighting, an LED bathroom mirror will give you both and with less hassle.

You won’t have to worry about replacing any bulbs for years to come, in many cases up to 40 or 50 years even with hours of daily use. And as LED lights are more efficient you will save money on your electric bill too.

These mirrors can look very elegant and are usually square, rectangular, or round. They come in many different sizes and both framed and unframed depending on your preference. Many people choose to go without a frame because they are really attracted to the fact that the lights are often around the perimeter of the outside edge of the mirror.

LED Mirror

When they are lit they give the appearance of the light itself framing the mirror. If the lights are set a few inches in from the edge they look as if they are framing the inside of the mirror, which can also be unbelievable appealing.

An LED backlit mirror like the one shown below is also another popular choice and as the lights are behind the mirror itself as opposed to in front they can look very luxurious. Not only do they look fantastic and help to drastically improve the look of your space, but many people also choose them for the fact that a mirror with LED lights will show true color.

Being able to show how you really look makes them superior to both incandescent and fluorescent lighting for applying makeup. They are also ideal for shaving as any man who has used one before can tell you, and of course for setting your hair too!

LED Mirror


LED Mirror Cabinet For Extra Storage

Many people love the idea of a LED vanity mirror but need more storage. If that’s the case, an LED mirror cabinet or medicine cabinet can make a great addition to your bathroom. A cabinet will give you a shallow space to conveniently keep items like medicine and toiletries.

The most common place to use on is above the bathroom sink that way the mirror can be used as the main bathroom mirror and all of your toiletries will be in easy reach when shaving, brushing your teeth, etc. Most LED mirror cabinets are lit only from the inside but some mirrors also have lights on the outside as well which can really add to their appeal.

Because the lights are operated by a sensor when you open the cabinet door the items inside will be lit up with soft ambient light, so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for without any hassle.

LED Mirror

The size of the cabinet will determine how many doors it will have, as smaller options have one, larger choices will have two and possibly even three. The body of a typical cabinet is made from hi-grade aluminum which doesn’t rust and can be wall mounted or recessed into the wall if you want to save some space.

The shelving inside is usually made from glass which is adjustable and of course the number of shelves depends on the brand, size, and individual model. Some LED mirror cabinets have features like a concealed finger pull edge to prevent finger prints on the face of the mirror, a de-fogger, and a motion sensor on-off switch.

Another really handy one is an outlet inside the cabinet itself for charging things like electric shavers. Because your shaver is safely inside and not on the edge of a sink or counter top while charging you won’t have to worry about it falling and being damaged or broken. This is actually is a surprisingly common problem.

LED Mirror


LED Makeup Mirror

A makeup is mirror is typically a round or oval shaped two–sided mirror that sits on a stand and can be tilted to different angles. While one side is a standard 1x mirror with normal magnification, the other is magnified sometimes up to 15x however most people prefer somewhere around 5x- 10x.

This allows you to see your pores and skin very clearly. Some mirrors are not double sided and only have one. If this is the case the single mirror will be magnified. In the past without LED’s, lights would burn out quickly, get hot, and need to be replaced very often.

LED mirror lights on the other hand stay cool, use much less electricity, and last incredibly long. In fact many manufacturers swear by the fact that with LED’s you’ll never have to replace a bulb in your lifetime. The lights are installed around the perimeter of the mirror itself which really allows you to see your reflection very clearly no matter what the lighting in the room is like.

This makes them an invaluable tool for spotting blemishes, applying makeup, plucking unwanted hairs, general skin care, putting on contact lenses, and helping men to shave.

LED Mirror


Because they are most often used on top of a vanity, they are also sometimes referred to as LED vanity mirrors. Generally these mirrors have a stand and circular base made from metal with a number of different finishes like nickel, polished chrome, or bronze.

A smart move is to choose one which matches the fixtures of your bathroom if that’s where you are using it or the décor of your room. Some are made from plastic and you can even find mirrors that have a base made from acrylic for makeup storage.

LED Mirror


Wall mounted LED vanity mirrors are another option. They are a fantastic choice for someone who has very limited counter space or just likes the look. A wall mounted mirror is screwed into an adjoining wall and has either a swivel arm which can be folded back so it’s flat against the wall or extension arm which also saves space too.

A few mirrors have the option of being able to be used with a base, on the wall, and also as a hand mirror. There are even some mirrors which don’t screw into the wall but use a suction cup to adhere to it instead.

LED MirrorWhile many LED makeup lights are powered by an electrical cord plugged into an outlet, there are many battery powered models too which include both the table top and wall mounted variety. Not having to plug in your mirror makes it more portable and is often times way more convenient as where you are using your mirror may not always be in easy reach of an outlet.

It can also just be nice not having to deal with wires on a crowded vanity, table, dresser, or counter top. And of course you always have the option of using rechargeable batteries to make things even easier. Some models are actually rechargeable themselves and don’t need batteries, requiring a charge only every four or five weeks.

LED Mirror


While LED makeup mirrors are not tiny, they aren’t overly large either which makes them portable and easy to move, some people even bring them on trips however there are smaller travel-sized options. A portable vanity mirror is just like a full-sized one only smaller.

Usually they are also battery operated so you can use them anywhere. Some can run off of an AC adapter as well. They are also lighter in weight (because they the body and base are made from plastic) which is always a huge plus when travelling and the mirror and stand will be able to fold down into the base making it very small and easy to carry.

Many people use a portable mirror as their primary mirror at home so they can bring it on trips and not have to purchase more than one. It’s up to you!

LED Mirror


LED Compact Mirror

If you are going to be travelling you might also want to check out an LED compact mirror. These can either have one or two mirrors in a protective plastic case which fold down to close for easy storage and safe carrying.

They are either circular or square in shape and will have LED lights that are battery operated on at least one of the mirrors.  Some have them on both. Many models with two mirrors have one mirror which is magnified (some up to ten times) and another which is not; it depends on the specific model.

LED Mirror

An LED compact mirror is great for if you are going on a trip but also can be easily kept in your purse or even your desk at work. The them superb for applying makeup but also for plucking hairs, and even for men shaving.

Using one will guarantee that no matter how dim or even how bright a room is you will be able to see a true reflection of how you look that is both clear and well-lit. Usually you can use the plastic case as a stand and some mirrors will actually extend up pretty high for easy use.

 LED Mirror


LED Infinity Mirror

An amazingly unique option is an LED infinity mirror. Unlike other mirrors these create an illusion that will have your guests totally perplexed. What’s the illusion? Just like their name suggests, it’s the illusion of infinity.

When it is turned off it functions as a typical mirror. However, when the LED lights are switched on, you see a tunnel of lights which appears to go on for infinity. Even more interesting, is the fact that when you move, the tunnel appears to move too! An LED infinity mirror can be a mind blowing piece of décor.

LED Mirror

The effect is created by using two mirrors one of which is fully reflective behind one that is partially reflective. The LED lights in-between these two mirrors are reflected successively creating the illusion of depth which really makes it look as if they go on forever into the space beyond your wall even though the two mirrors are only really a few inches apart.

Many LED infinity mirrors have features like infra red sensors that turn the lights on and off with the wave of a hand.  Some are battery operated while other plug into an outlet. There are also a wide variety of infinity mirror clocks, coffee tables, and even cocktail bars.


LED Mirror

As you can see, a mirror with LED lights is always the top choice when it comes to high quality lighting and getting the best reflection. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mirror for your bathroom, a compact one for makeup, or an infinity mirror used to make an optical illusion, they all will use less energy and provide soothing bright white light for whatever you choose to use them for. Once you go LED there’s no reason to have to change another bulb!

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