There are many fantastic spots in your home to use mirrors. However, there are also just as many that may not work. There are certain areas where adding one can actually take away from the look of your space. So before spending any time and money you will want to take a look at the following places where using a mirror doesn’t normally equal interior design success.

Wherever They Reflect Unsightly Features

While this is not one specific spot, it is without a doubt one of the most important concepts to keep in mind. Just as mirrors can be used to reflect things of beauty, they are often unknowingly used to reflect areas of the home that are not very flattering.

No one needs to highlight messy storage spaces, aging walls, or any other area of the home that they would not be proud to display.

Where They Reflect A View Into A Bathroom

This is one mistake many people make and directly related to the advice above. There is no reason to install, hang, or lean a mirror somewhere that gives others a direct view into the bathroom. Embarrassing situations will eventually happen either for you, your guests, or both. Plus, it’s just not an appealing reflection in general.

On The Ceiling

This should be an obvious no-no. Whatever your intentions would be, there is no excuse for making your home look like a seedy roadside motel. No more explanation is needed.

Across From The TV

This is a spot that many people ask about and for good reason. It’s normal to have comfortable seating like a sofa directly across from your TV so that you can relax when watching it. The wall space above the sofa or seating is an area that a lot of people are looking to add décor to.

However, a mirror is not usually the best choice since it will reflect the image and lights from the TV which can be incredibly distracting for anyone in the room. If you are looking to cover up a bare space on the wall you may want to consider artwork or framed photos instead.

Anywhere Where Young Children Play

If you have young kids you won’t want to have a mirror anywhere near their play area or where they may be tempted to have some fun. This goes for options on the wall but particularly when it comes to a standing mirror of course since it could be knocked over. Accidents happen and kids are curious, so it’s always better to keep things safe and make sure there is no chance of broken glass or sharp edges anywhere near young children.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is where we cook our food, wash dishes, and much more. Because of this there is a high chance that when used in this room of the house a mirror will become smudged, stained, and dirty both quickly and regularly. And of course these will be very visible.

While a mirrored backsplash can truly look phenomenal, anytime you decide to add a mirror in the kitchen it will take much more effort to keep it spotless. So for the average person you most likely will want give the kitchen a miss.

By not placing your mirror in these areas you will be making sure it doesn’t take away from the look of your home. Skip over them and choose locations that will improve how it is perceived instead. If you do, you’ll be sure to get the most from your mirror and your space.

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